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Temecula, CA – This esoteric report is sandwiched between our Dr. Steven Greer bookends of cosmic discovery because of two reasons. The first reason is something that Arthur C. Clarke said a long time ago that gave me pause when I stopped to really analyze what he said, which was after he had worked on 2001, A Space Odyssey, possibly.

The second reason was something that Jack Herer wrote also a while back.

“As you will see the Book of Revelation is a story of the transformation of the world from a world of oppression fueled by religious prohibition* (the curse) and driven to the brink of destruction before there is a great leap of understanding that frees the world, releases the curse, and heals mankind. The Tree of Life and the Fountain of Living Waters are the cores of the new world. Plants are the true source of healing and this is made clear. The great spirit of evil and oppression is the spirit of prohibition and the minions of evil are those who accept the mark and attempt to vanquish freedom forever under the guise of truth and law.

The WAR ON DRUGS is the great battle waging between truth and the great lie. Those who are on the side of oppression will find themselves as those who have accepted the mark of the beast.” - Jack Herer, pages 268-9, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

The above quotation was taken from the foreword of the last book Jack was working on, and appears in Chapter 20, occurring after the last time I talked with Jack in 2009 at the Purple Haze Fest in San Bernardino. When I stumbled upon it, I was surprised because Jack certainly wasn't an example of a Calvary Baptist Christian. However, as can be seen from the Bible and the Qur'an, rarely are those deeded religious authority chosen by God to be prophets, don'tcha know? Ever wonder why?

Let's examine the statement Jack wrote. You should know that the Book of Revelation promises a blessing to whomever reads the book aloud** whether they understand it or not when they first read it. I'll never know when Jack read the Book but to form such an in-depth condensed summery shows he must have done more than glance at it. I do know that Jack had a relationship with some heavy thinkers, specifically the Osburns [Judy and Lynn] and Chris Bennett, Green Gold, ISBN 0-9629872-2-0.

The transformation refers to the passing of the old earth into the new earth. The curse here is different from the orthodox view of man wanting to be God to one of man supplanting God's rules, thereby making himself godlike. Here evil is called a spirit and is the same spirit of the oppressive system responsible for the issuance of a mark to squelch freedom under false truths and the law of execution and policy, sans compassion.

The Tree of Life is identified in Memoirs, page 289-292, and the Living Waters refer to Daniel 2:35b KJV, Memoirs rear cover text. The battle raging between the truth and the great lie is a reference to exactly what is happening presently in the cannabis cause scene which sports many different banners like for a bivouac. But Jack had warned me what was coming actually back in 2003 when I first met him and the Osburns in Topanga Canyon, thanks to The Victors.

“In the beginning was the word” and two words were passed to me in 2003. Each word was passed on to me by their writers: the Spirit of History from Jack's The Emperor Wears No Clothes; and The Osburns [with Chris Bennett] work titled, Green Gold, The Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion brought the esoteric-religious factor. They united with this author to amalgamate a cannabis trinity for the predicted fight, given where I live and having a broader political soapbox to shout from. Because of that spin, though I fight in the cause with others, my part to play is on a different level. For me it is a cosmic card game.

Though I can't explain the game precisely, I am aware of two things. I know to keep track of the 'cards' I come across and while there are two jokers in a standard deck, at present there is only one unless you count DT. I also know that what happens in this cosmic card game will influence the political outcome in November. The game matrix thus far.

First, while most cause fights are horizontal in nature, as in it's you and your fellow protesters against an enemy, ie., blacks vs racial policy, Oregon Occupy vs BLM [Federal Government], activists vs TPP, or Moms against GMOs, the fight for cannabis is vertical. What this means is that tactics used in other cause fights can help, but only if you are on that level of politicking. However, since it is a vertical fight, the object is to rise to the top of the action because like the unfinished pyramid on the dollar, the poor man's worth, the All-Seeing eye is the pinnacle because this whole game was set into play by a god, the “In God We Trust” god, mammon [Matt 6:24, Luke 16:9, 11, 13]. This is the Carnation Level.

The Carnation Level exists for cannabis because cannabis isn't something natural from the earth like oil, gold, or diamonds. Those are things of the earth so they fall under the jurisdiction of an earth god. Cannabis came from the stars [Gen 1:11, 12]. That is why the plant is a panacea [Gen 1:29, 30]. But the herb came with its own limits by its exclusion from the authority given in Gen 1:28. That is the gap hole in the teeth of the Master Programmer [see the original Tron ending for this reference]. Man, or Adam, was to tend to all the vegetation, gazing at will but not to eat of the trees at Garden Central, less he be like a god, knowing both good and evil. We all know how that ended, though man was tricked [Essene Original Gospel].

Because a plant can't represent or care for itself [Gen 2:15], a human Ombudsman was needed for this then and for the final fray before the transition occurs. The Ombudsman is the link between the word and Dr. Steven Greer's future coming to pass. What is an Ombudsman? An official appointed to investigate individuals' complaints against maladministration, especially that of public authorities. What is left out of this definition of a public advocacy is that the Ombudsman is well versed both in the administration workings and the public experience. This person represents the people against the controllers, aka government performing malfeasance and misfeasance. MMRSA was written due to nonfeasance but is itself malfeasance. AUMA is misfeasance but as slippery as Hillary. Hence the qualified Ombudsman.

Because cannabis is in the Bible, I could check that box. Since my witch ex-wife called me into being as her wizard, the magic box could be checked through the Arthur C. Clarke clause [see story beginning]. Though there has been some misunderstandings for my role claim, since the few at this level all have excellent credentials, the two things singling me out were that I wrote and published a book [the word] about the topic, and second, as a lay minister [1st Presbyterian, Davenport, IA], I bestowed a Christian last name to Mary Jane, the human plant personification issued by men, and had that name blessed or seconded [Jack Herer, Memoirs] in 2009. In a true magical sense, the last action became the first and one of the ensuing ripples from that splash was the book's publication. That was and is the only thing that puts me in this cosmic card game. At almost 71 it sure as hell ain't my looks or dance moves.

This Cosmic card game started with the Sacramento No AUMA protest at 13th and J streets, a magical crossroads or I don't know Dr. Strange as a hero. But this game isn't like going to Pechanga. Entry to this game was gained by the martyr John Stone, our ante. The fact that his last name is 'stone' should be proof enough without the first name of John, the name of the author of the last book of the Bible. Of course, to a lot of people all these things are just coincidences. That's why there is a very short line for this game. Suffice it to say, “I'm in.”

The game so far consists of these cards collected. Cards are both people named as things and positions. The position cards are the face cards.

4 Queens – Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds [last pair of Queens showing]
1 Ace
1 Joker

Cosmic Pip Cards [in order of receiving them]
Zen [Prior to Game]
Magic [Sacramento]
Hope [Santa Cruz]
Raine [WeHo]
Happy [Temecula]
Bliss [Temecula]

Cosmic Pip Cards added after first round
Angel [Hemet]
Angel [Riverside County]

The play so far. In the first round the riddle was: How can you serve two masters [activist causes]?

Answer: With one truth [Card played, Zen]

Now, what is the opposite of Evil? Survey says 'good' but in reality the opposite of good is bad. We all learned that in kindergarten. Also the thwarting of Label GMO groups is good for evil Monsanto. After careful thought and research, ponder that the opposite of Evil is innocence. Now with the internet available, our tree of all knowledge good and bad, we have all become evil, as in knowing all things or having access to. This stage play that Shakespeare talked of, in these last days, is to see what we will do with that knowledge.

“The WAR ON DRUGS is the great battle waging between truth and the great lie. Those who are on the side of oppression will find themselves as those who have accepted the mark [cash] of the beast.” - Jack Herer

(*- To fully understand this view, please see ISBN 0-517-55129-2. **- Revelation 1:3 KJV and vocalization counts since you hear the words in your head as if you are reading them aloud.)

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