Friday, June 24, 2016

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Temecula, CA – Today I put my Bernie Sanders OC tee shirt in the closet with my Ron Paul tee shirt. Bernie is toast unless he can pull an October Surprize out of his butt cheeks. More likely he is seeing the writing on the wall. Either his support has been less, out-maneuvered, out-smarted, or the system is crooked. Now the outsider bid is down to one – Donald Trump.

A woman president or vice-president like Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren I would vote for in a flash, so I don't buy the 'woman card' for a minute. The 'anyone but Hillery' card I will own all day. If anything happens to Donald Trump, it won't be the Republicans, it won't be the Cruz people, it won't be God or the Devil. It will be Hillary Clinton and another Gadhafi regime change, except it won't be easy to spot. Think JFK, RFK, or MLK.

Meanwhile will the FBI ever have enough balls to indict Hillary? Once again this is one agency fighting another. Because the FBI clocked the CIA and Oswald, their agent, could the CIA be looking for some revenge to take out the Don so their [wo] man on the inside stays there? WARNING – Extremely graphic nature pictures await after the jump. These pictures are not meant to inflame, only illustrate the non-PC version of events that actually occurred under our Queen's watchful eye.

Presently a well placed mole reports that the TPP progress is stuck as long as there is no SCOTUS replacement by Obama. Urge your senators to stand put and not let Obama have his way. This is how politics works. One thing hangs on another and most people don't connect the dots. If you read the books like All The President's Men or seen the political thrillers without explosions, the intricacies of politics is never straight forward.

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman [kin to Abe??] in public comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week conveyed that the administration is doing everything it can to prepare for a potential vote in a lame-duck session, but some of the deal's supporters said they are finding a more downbeat view on Capitol Hill than USTR is conveying. Froman announced this week that USTR is drafting the implementing bill and other documents needed for a TPP vote. Mr. Froman is an old chum buddy of Obama's from Harvard ("Nothing good ever comes out of Harvard" - Unknown)

The DNC has gone through a select list of prized, hand-picked contestants for the 'new' Debbie Whats Her Name's replacement, so she can be kicked upstairs in a true Clinton Peter-Principle way.

The old RCA Victor logo has been updated. Listening for her Master's whistle

The hand-picked Clinton choice overslept so the second choice got lucky, and he brought in the Union Vote, another morsel stolen from Sanders. Meanwhile the financial meltdown predicted in Daniel 2 and updated in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green inches closer to fruition. While we wait, lets look at Hillary's better moments.

Whoooeht! Debbeee, Debbeee. Here girl. Heel

Hillary picks her women from The Vagina Monologues audience
"I just done got circumcised, Missa Hillary"
Hillary's boogie roots go as deep as Bill's saxophone playing.

Hillary works the young voter with compassion and comparison.

"Gimme three, little girl, cause that's what you're worth, 3/5 of me, your savior."
Hillary's pick for Debbie was a master stroke, wrapping up the union and the Southern okie dokes, read USA, black vote.

Other blacks see this as a return to the good old days.

For Hillary
Hillary knows her audience,

Because it's easy for Hillary to look directly into the eyes of a Southern black woman, something no self-respecting Southern white does who is over fifty. The young white crowd is hip to the dip about this chip, however.

And it doesn't stop with the very young. Most people who aren't watching Sanford & Son reruns know Old Hillary.

But enough joking around. Here's what to take home from this piece.

And this one also.

And this.

Then ask yourself this question.

Vote Hillary 2016, she'll keep US in the fight. Alas, Bernie Sanders realizes the truth about Southern blacks too late.

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