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Temecula, CA – With all this talk of building walls and illegal aliens, the Calendar takes a long look at the illegal alien question and reveals that the Obama Administration spent a million dollars to study the alien question, except this study wasn't about how the America created this citizen category by closing the border to Mexico in 1964*. Notice you never hear Canadians referred to as 'illegal aliens', do you?

The plan against Mexicans started long before Trump and the latest false flag mass shooting that gives Hillary her Australian gun seizure plank to shout out to her dog whistle slugabouts. The study also was done on aliens that were prior to '64, that's 64AD, not 1964. In fact the Temecula Calendar scooped the original story to the Valley when it became news. The picture below was featured in the original story.

Now we present the update on our little brother from the people who did the DNA testing and reveal their findings. But that's only the tip of the iceberg as we see another group mounting a public disclosure not unlike the Label GMO Moms [and Dads] or Letitia Pepper in her efforts to wake the stoner sheep to their upcoming slaughter, though she doesn't even smoke the herb. She imbibes through edibles made without any regulatory oversight because she knows the rules are meant to allow the very people the rules were supposedly meant to keep you safe from. All this and more after the jump.

You may recall that in our last installment Dr. Greer was seeking funding from outside to as to keep the results accurate and unsullied. Remember, the government is concerned about keeping your money safe, not you. Hence the Social Security insurance policy payable to the government, not to your family. That's like your neighbor wrecking his car, bringing it to you to fix on your dime while he goes out and gets another one, and he's an alcoholic brother to the police chief, and not your color or kind.

Yes, the world is in a sorry state, but those who have gotten it this way are starting to not be able to hide the truth from the planet's population much longer, but more on that in a minute. First let's get the downlow on our diminutive mummy from South America [Chile], for you see the space probe launched decades ago featured a 'Hello' from Earth's NASA and a gold drawing of a couple in their OCTPFAS Tempest play costumes.

Let's start right where we left off those recent years ago and explore that project and a few others that Dr. Steven Greer has been working on for the benefit of mankind, unlike the present day elite who are only out for themselves, like extending sports finals just to justify ratings and profits for the media outlets they own. but the waiter IS coming with the check. Like with Ali, this check will be cashed by the issuer.

The Atacama Mystery

Debunking DeGrasse and Hawkings, exposing the Establishment propaganda.

The study recently funded by 'our tax dollars' [their slush fund].

Historical aliens prior to 1964, 1864. and 1764, before any man-made government declared them illegal.

End of Part 1. Next, Greer's Celestial Grasp of Greatness, coming soon.

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