Thursday, June 16, 2016



Temecula, CA – Welcome back for Part 2 of our bookend series on Dr. Steven Greer. Recently someone I know ran for school board election. Releasing his home phone number and having no campaign manager to field for them, they were scared out of their wits when someone called [obviously a friend/backer of the opponent] by threats of bodily harm against his whole family. And this was a school board race. At the top of the pecking order, you are expendable. Just ask JFK or Bobby, oh wait, you can't.

In the still settling wake of the trending worst mass shooting [so far], cracks are already starting to appear in the official version. This latest stampede of the masses is no doubt orchestrated by the Jester for the coming Queen. In the middle of this drive-by, not everyone is fooled by the Kansas City Shuffle. We've all heard the same tune before called cognitive dissonance. For the religious, it is the fullness of time, almost. For the level-headed, there is Dr. Steven Greer, MD [not PhD].

We catch up to him after today's lead-in picture.

Now, make the jump.

Speaking of small alien things, here's the latest on the The Atacama Humanoid and what it means from April 26th, 2013 video.

What Obama knew and when.

Dr. Greer's ultimatum.

Some past very intelligent people and what happened to them.

With today's killing of a Pro EU mom in England and the oligarchy false flag to set up Hillary, many are not fooled, including these guys.

And our late evening long video. The latest from Dr. Greer, May 2016, a radio interview.


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