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Temecula, CA – First the basic economical structure. The value of something is primarily based on its scarcity. Scarcity can be manipulated through ownership which controls the degree of production [scarcity]. Everything is paid for in money. Money is what makes the world go around and function in the set system the world uses. The concept of ownership, without a physical God present, is what this world's economic system is based on. The people behind the money system control the world's money for the interest they make from each monetary unit.

In this present day the owners of the world can feel a change coming. It is a change being resisted by the syncopates to the owners through any means plausible. That mandate means that Hillary Clinton is their horse in the USA and England staying within the European Union is paramount. If the Britannia leaves the EU since it kept its British currency intact, the fear is the Union will fall into chaos. To cement these aims, the full use of PVW assassinations is taking place, here and abroad.

Though this overreach is global, the daily chores are carried out by the national members of the Global Security State resulting in the Orlando mass shooting [Hillary chum bucket Debbie Was-her-name's home state] and Britain's killing of a mom EU supporter with two kids to swing sentiment toward staying part of the EU. Britain will stay in when the vote comes down, whether by hook [emotional blowback] or crook [Hillary tactics in voter corruption]. The new style of assassinations are done for Political Value Warfare. Welcome to the future.

Political assassinations have been around since Julius Caesar was put down 44 years before the birth of Christ. See Shakespeare for this, not the OCTPFAS. They did a different play. The event must have been major considering that a play was made about it that has come to us in this present day. You betcha.

The mantra of fake Christianity is, “Brother, Jesus died for your sins!” In reality, Jesus died because of your sins [and mine too, as you can see from Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. Though Mel Gibson's film of Jesus' last hours shows Satan floating through several scenes, of course unseen by the crowds around JC, it wasn't Satan that sought him to meet his maker [Mark 11:18]. The tipping point for Jesus was his view about money or mammon [Mark 11:15-17, Matt 6:24, Luke 16:9, 11, 13].

From those two examples down to Martin Luther King, who sought to join poor whites and poor blacks [uniting two economic forces in the South]; John F. Kennedy, who wanted America to print their own money; and Muammar Gaddafi, who sought to compete with the almighty dollar and lost thanks to Hillary Clinton, who looted the White House dinner service in a trailer-trash move. Classy and Wall Street's pick of the litter.

So by now you may be saying, 'yeah, yada, yada, yada, I know all that; what's your point?'

Just this, Sports Fans. As Matt 24 says to this Atomic Generation, be aware [don't get fooled by false flags], have personal faith rather than group opinion, and hang on to your seat because this is where the rubber meets the road [bet you thought I was to use a different phrase, didn't you?]. This great evil is coming to an end on your watch, like those final scenes in Return of The Jedi.

For most of us though, it will be as the final scenes in Armageddon because of the reasons found on the above poster. The only ones who get a backstage pass are those with Harry's reasoning because this world's god is the God on our money. This was revealed in Daniel 2. Because a god is over us in this fashion, very few get to rise above the smog of money. This was the reason Nebuchadnezzar was awed when he first saw the image [Dan 2:31]. It is this image that rules still today.

If you wonder about Today, look no further than the stampede and civil war happening over cannabis, a fact that the false Christianity has hidden or a fact hidden from false Christianity. You make the call, given those involved. For me it's a Jerry Macguire moment.

For those too young to know this Tom Cruise reference, prior to the speech, Jerry [Cruise]was the star of his agency, a hotshot with a roster of more than seventy clients. But in a late-night moment at a company retreat—dramatized by a shot of Cruise in a cold sweat, shaking under a comforter in his hotel room—Jerry has an epiphany. This he is driven to set down on paper in a mission statement to his colleagues shown typing on a clunky laptop, his eyes glistening in the glow of the scene. All we are shown of the memo itself are the words “Fewer clients, Less money.”

Jerry walks to a copy shop in the middle of the night to make bound copies for everyone at the retreat, and the clerk somehow recognizes the immense gravity of the situation: “That’s how you become great, man. Hang your balls out there.” The next morning, in the hotel lobby, Jerry is applauded by his colleagues...

This is my Jerry Maguire moment because I didn't just predict the outcome of the money system, the Bible does that and I ain't God. My balls are hanging out there because I dared to tell you why, plus a back story.

A story follows which shows the SOP for mass killings from my favorite activist to fill in while I attend to an errand. Yesterday I was contacted and left a riddle:

“What do Wilson Pickett and Cawston Ave. have in common? Meet me there in two days.”

It was Deep Throat. It had to be.

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