Friday, June 3, 2016



Temecula, CA – Can there be any doubt that this Presidential election might very well be our last? It seems the Union is unraveling faster than a pair of Afgan-knitted house boots. The people who vote, especially women, are caught in the middle between a cock and a hard place.

The front page of today's Huffington Post seems to be staffed by Democrat voter registrars in the amount of negative headlines about Donald Trump. Poll after reported poll show The Trumpster as one of the most despised people ever to run for public office. The only negative thing we don't know about Trump is whether or not he farts. His well-known billions make him rich but the positive, read controversial points [calling for war crimes trials, etc.] that his supporters were drawn to, remain as covered by Establishment media as the coverage of Bernie Sanders, a poor-by-comparison old white guy.

Running unopposed [according to DNC corruption, personal interviews, and main stream but obscure Establishment political hack wannabees] is a woman mentioned in the same breath as Lizzie Borden, Snow White's Queen Ravenna, and Mrs. Robinson, but placing 4th in popularity and trust is Bill Clinton's better half, Hillary. Also rich, she is reverse-covered by the Establishment's media that boasts her fabled accomplishments while ignoring the smelly lumps covered by a doormat rug which says, “Welcome all you colored negroes. Yaw come now, hearyh.”

Both the media dubbed Headline News hotshots are rich and despised according to their polls, but just remember, the polls they are quoting are made by calling landline customers. These are people who still have fond memories of Howdy Doody in B&W, so that should tell you something about what's being reported to you, the general public, as Gospel.

As whites in the South line up behind Trump and Sanders, Hillary just today 'dog-whistled' for her Southern-fried supporters by announcing her support for a Dylann Roof death penalty decision while ignoring the dozens of white cops that have blasted black folks in the South and North with mostly no answerable consequences.

Meanwhile all other women of merit like Jill Stein and Elizabeth Warren are relegated less media coverage than Sanders by Hillary's female minions who seem like lemmings to the sea. To witness millions who don't want to give an old white guy a chance, drop to their knees for a sniff or a swallow, is despicable to see but not surprising if you remember that Hitler didn't run the German Homeland by himself.

What's in store for America has already started as the Establishment gets ready for their despicable plan to kill [literally] two birds with one rap.

I'd say 'Hurry Son Down' but even he didn't know just how much rope God would give the despicable to hang themselves with.

Political commentary by PT Rothschild

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