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Temecula, CA – Much knowledge was gained the last time I saw Deep Throat. I learned what the Bible actually is. Or at least the core level of it, the Kabbalah level. I heard a prediction and came to see the whole Anti-Christ or 'instead of Christ' issue as a judgement. More than that, I saw the giant engine moving this whole process, this matrix, this tech mother, along. And then I saw where this engine was headed, and it all made sense.

Why has the government fought so hard against cannabis when this year it is estimated to be a $6.7Bil industry [Forbes]? Why has the Dept of Health taken out a patent? Why are there over 140 other patents? What was the real goal driving Soros, the NGOs, and the separation of cannabis from the little people, the Ma & Pa market? Or for the laws against seed swapping and donations [AUMA, MMRSA]? Though I discussed cannabis hows, how comes, and outcomes in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, there was always this hidden mystery feeling about the relentless way the government behaved toward cannabis.

I could sense it was secret like alcohol prohibition [actually done to stop alcohol from use as a car fuel] or who set up Martin Luther King for assassination; something obviously that's in your face but hidden in plain sight for some net worth. One look into whatever it was that I saw I knew in DT's car and I knew the plan for cannabis to replace oil as the backbone for a new world currency system. Weed is to be the new cash, not the petrol dollar. And now they, the Estabs, are quickly and smoothly working away for the real deal. Passing all my mammon trials is why I could look into the mouth of truth. The thesis of my book says their evil plan is going to fail, not because of man, but because of cannabis itself.

When this glimpsed info hit my brain, I had to let it sink in. I didn't want to believe it. It seemed too far-fetched, too Space Cadet as Winston [Memoirs] likes to put it. The more I thought about weed becoming a currency of sorts, the more I couldn't unthink about it. I had walked to the bus stop in a daze. It did make sense. Even in Memoirs I express what a liquid asset pot is. Why would anyone rich give a shit if pot is legal? They buy whatever they want. When have rich people said, 'Whoa, let me do something for the little man?' Isn't the Brexit vote about this very concept?

Then I thought about the shrinking domination of the US dollar, or the instability. Cannabis would be like having a connected Central Bank for every country, a green bank. The ones who weren't part would die off from other drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, known killers. The world would be ghettoized by green zones and non-green zones. It could even be run like a country club. Pay your dues or get kicked out to the non-green zone. It wouldn't even matter if the pot was GMO at that point. My head started to hurt. It was time for a bowl. I broke into my emerg stash.

Though this engine of commerce is moving this scenario forward at the industry and government level, cough AUMA, Washington State, etc., there was another force, the esoteric force talked of in Memoirs moving in from another direction, not in opposition, but in conflict. This would be like cops chasing crooks and both are headed for a town due to be hit by a tornado. That's the description that rolls off my head as I write this. And that's where the second part of what I can reveal to you comes into play. The prediction that I heard.

“A man will come to light who appears to have an answer for Man's modern problems. He will give many hope and promise much, an answer to all our problems. When he is elected, many will say and feel, 'whew, we dodged a bullet.' Then, just as people breathe a sigh of relief, all hell will break loose.”

This was different in that it wasn't a warning, it was a notification, like a road sign. With all the apocalyptic talk in the air, this wasn't too hard to figure out, but instead of death and destruction, a feeling of justification was felt, and suddenly I understood a passage from the Bible, one about the final Anti-Christ. Two passages in fact, both in a way that never even dawned on me until this minute.

The Temptation of Jesus has been instilled in us as this thing from Satan, the enemy of Jesus, and us. Although Satan is evil and means us all harm, especially Jesus, why was it that at the last minute, just before shit hits the fan, Satan says [visible only to Jesus], 'if I were you, I'd hightail it out of town.'

I know what the standard explanation of this is, but what if it was something genuine, something between people or beings of the same ilk, the same kind on some level? I put this thought forth because while many people believed Obama to be the Anti-Christ, I never did. The only big 'O' I know of is named Oscar. It was never a ringer crowned by the Bilderburgs. Personality-wise, it would have to be someone with more juice to his soul and moral in his own way. In short, someone like Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump. If you haven't clicked off this column by now, hear out my logic. I have revealed their plan their expected net result. Remember, it says “Man plans and God plans” plus don't forget the lesson to Job [not the standard 'Don't curse God' part].

This election has come down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a outsider. As an outsider, he threatens the Estabs way more than Bernie did, cause Bernie knows how the game is played. Karma-wise, we could have had a Sanders and made critical changes, but no. The Estab Republicans turned into the Insanely Crazy Clown Posse and a couple of them could carry a tune or write a book, but it was Trump out of the gate. Why, because he knows how it is for the poor common man. He is a rich common man. He generalizes but who doesn't? We know the government is corrupt but not everyone in the government is evil. It's mainly the department bosses, the talking heads who go out to lunch with the shill lobbyists.

Donald Trump is a bull, and Washington, DC, stands for Washington, Delectable Chinaware. Hillary even liked them so much, she took a set or as many sets as those antique trunks would hold, when she left the White House. Despicable her.

The Bible says the last anti-Christ will suffer a head wound, be dead for 3 days like Jesus's MIA period and then come back to life and rage like a bull on the earth. OK, that last part I updated but you know what they say about a wounded bull, about the same thing they say about a wounded bear.

If Trump gets elected, I don't think we will have to wait long for this prediction to come to pass. Trump's not going to have the time Kennedy did, but he's going to step on the same toes. When you have people like those supporting Hillary Clinton, knowing what we all know, these people aren't 'good losers' and they don't plan to lose at all.

Make friends, and don't think like a tourist.

Next, an Exclusive Only to the Temecula Calendar that you won't see anywhere else, until it breaks.

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