Saturday, June 25, 2016



Temecula, CA – As the nice, classy white-haired old man bowed out, finally succumbing to the DNC's brand for free choice [as long as it's their choice], the kid gloves are gone from the arena. Just 3 days ago, in a speech presented here at the break, Donald Trump, whom nothing lately has the press commented on anything positive, lambasted Hillary Clinton in a style not elegant, witty, or glam; it was just brutal in a 'he's saying what we're all thinking' frame of reference.

Though given a pass on her emails and personal flaws by the chivalrous Colonel Sanders, Donald Trump let Hillary have it in her own backyard – New York. The Don has become the bane of all those who are Estabs, my new term for the Status Quo. This is why he also made an early pitch for all the disheartened Bernie Sanders supporters. That was a surprise to me.

The speech itself was like the speech giver, who is used to being on television and is not a politician. Donald knew when to look directly into the camera, how to pause to make a point, and his speech was one of union, not division. While he didn't get wild or controversial in his topics much [war crimes, forced vacs, etc] he did hit on two big topics. These were trade treaties, the TPP, and the upcoming Supreme Court Justice appointee.

This is the full loop for the floor camera. Since Trump comes in at 26:30, you have plenty of time to make some popcorn [can't be GMO'd for some reason], pop a brew-ski, pack a bowl, and dim the lights. BTW, the warm-up music is great if you like the classics, no hip hop, rock, or 80s to be stuck in.

We all knew this was going to be an historic election, didn't we? Now the rubber meets the road.

I don't always watch political speeches, but when I do I like to watch the best. This was a very good outing for Donald Trump. Hillary, yo got some 'splaing to do about those skid marks.

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