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Temecula, CA – For those who live outside of California, some say we have only one season here on the southern west coast, summer. And though that named season has a special meaning now to me, we actually have four seasons like the rest of the country. There's mud-slide season, earthquake season, when the Lakers win a championship it's riot season, and finally there's fire season. Fire season started today in the valley.

Shortly after noon a wildfire broke out in the foothills south of Temecula in the vicinity of what was to be Liberty Quarry. Response was full-on with firefighters and planes. Traffic on the freeway was a parking lot for about three hours if you were coming north from San Diego. Going south to Oceanside? No way, Jose.

More pictures after the jump, because there's more to this story. You see, Sports Fans, my phone rang around that same time.

“Meet me around Hemet in the Mistletoe. This is Deep Throat.” click.

It's rumored that some reporters can be in two places at once.

Meanwhile, moi had figured out the riddle from the stranger I met in a park during my SacTown adventures with Weed Warrior Lawyer, Letitia Pepper. It's funny how a person's last name can reveal true nature sometimes. But then that adventure started out fighting for cannabis, a plant like no other in the whole wide world [and very special, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon].

I found a bench under a shade tree in the 107 F/ 42 C heat, taking a long pull from my Bhang metal water bottle. What can I say, I'm a gadget guy, remember fingerlights? Presently someone came up and sat down at the other half of the table.

"You're certainly color-coordinated, red plaid shorts and a red Moms Across America tee shirt. Ever the bleeding heart, aren't you?"

"Thanks for noticing. Listen, I heard some things about you."


"Yeah. You're not to be believed."

"Believed or trusted?"

"Trusted actually, now that I think of it."

"Have you heard that your Ms. Peppers works for the CIA?"

"Yeah, but I don't believe that horseshit."

"But everyone gets talked about."

"No shit."

"In my case, it's true. Did you see all the 'Yes on Measure E' signs around?"

"Sure as hell did. I read some stuff about it in the Valley News. Looks like a done deal."

"It is, haha, and I'm part of it. Hahaha, these rubes are so ripe for squeezing."

"What do you mean?"

"It's the same town, same mindset as when the mob hid their millions here in the banks. A population made up of agrarians mixed with trailer trash is perfect. When you mix in a little patriotism, it's a winning combination for a political machine to play like a fiddle."

I was quiet for a minute as I thought about Planet Hemet, and why we all called it that.

"Ok, why are you telling me this? I mean, no offense but you have the street cred of Hillary."

"I read some of your recent stuff, especially the piece on Everything420 about the cannabis civil war. Everyone seems to have fallen for the cheese. Everyone except you. I like that. You see, it was so easy putting up those guildstones. People look up and see the chemtrails, and what are they going to fucking do? It's all so easy, and that's boring, for someone like me."

"Poor baby."

"Boring and bitch both begin with a 'B' for a reason. You figured out my riddle, and here you sit in a red shirt and red plaid shorts. You have a book out about pot because you gave a last name to a plant. You, are not boring. The Calendar scooped everyone about the Comment Removal on MSN and now they're back, so this is a test for you and your rag. Do you really want to know the reason for Measure E?"

"Yeah, sure. Why not?"

"Do you know this face?" 

"It looks familiar. Let me think. I ran two stories about women with a similar look. One was the first lady football coach..."

"And the other was about the Pot Czar. That's who this is," as he showed me his cell phone pic."

"The state government already is all set to start rounding up pot producers as soon as AUMA passes. Meanwhile the money to cover all this is being done as a political loan of sorts, with a guarantee of repayment by January 2017. But lately thanks to you and your ants, well some of them anyway, the state has started Plan B, the regimentation of a penny tax to pay for the Regulators already on the payroll."


"It so sweet. With all the savagery in Chicago and the young blacks here with their pants hung low, who's going to miss a penny?"

"But it's a sales tax, that's a penny on every dollar. I remember when a sales tax first came to Kentucky. That's how it starts. Plus California already has a sales tax. This ain't Orange County. It's Planet Hemet. These are poor people."

"With a strong Tea Party mindset. Think of it like this. It's a judgment from God, because they are that gullible. The gangsters proved that. Face it PT, the people here just aren't that sharp or open minded. You saw all the signs. Hell, even the people pulling it off aren't in on the real plan. These people are sheep, minimum wage is going up, and cable is on. Hahaha"

"I saw some No on E signs."

"How many?"


"Hahahahahaha. That's why I like you. You actually try to stick up for these grunts. That's why I like you and called you. I knew what Anonymous told you, or the gist of it."


"You're quiet. Cat got your tongue? I'll leave you with this then before I go. Pull out a penny. Who does it say to trust in? The god of money. You're the only one who has solved that clue. I read your stuff. You're a thinker. I like that. Keeps me from getting bored."

DT got up and started to walk off. Then he turned and said, 

"Remember, this is a test. If you pull this off, put on your sailing shoes."

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