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Temecula, CA – If you read our recent first installment of the actual Gospel, the word 'humane' comes up right from the start. The Bible had been twisted to serve the needs of Men* who have been chained into sinning by the god they trust on their money, mammon [Matt, Luke]. Make no mistake about being enchanted, beguiled, or glamored [page 107, Memoirs], an enchantment in the synesthetic category of Irish origin; folks, these things exist. Our core values however are out in plain sight, being humane should be part of us, being humans, don't you think?

So today, as we wait to see just how succinct Hillary's corruption really is, three tales, three animal tales are presented to show the compassion level on the planet God sees [if you believe in God, the one not on your trusted pennies] daily. We provide 3 examples.

Our first setting involves humans and animals. You can see what happened in that situation. Yesterday, as a family of quail went across along the valley side fencing, mom and her chicks were being hurried along by the squirrel, one of the animals aware of the landlord's policy to most outdoor things, here in the hood. At first it looked like the squirrel was attacking the chicks, especially after Mr. quail fluffed his feathers in defense of his mate. The landlord wanted to rush out and help the quail but his wife and I were able to talk him out of it. To the animals locally, the landlord is not their friend. They don't understand the logic of killing those you consider a pest and loving others. That's human but not humane. What happened to our friend above is, you know, after the jump.

Our second story is about humans and humans. To those with a religious history background aka “churched” the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of forbidden sex, but outside research away from the Orthodox view reveals a different reason for the cities destruction, one hidden by the Church; compassion or being humane has been edited out.

In another political neighborhood, a civil war is going on. It is a war of commerce being fought over a source that could provide everything, from food to plastic to technology to fuel, but what today the war is over has nothing to do with public commerce. The one part for medical use is the part being fought over with even the US Dept of Health obtaining a patent, but the heart of this greed isn't stupidity, it's not having compassion. This report from the MPP.

SB 987 would impose a 15% tax for the sale of medical marijuana to patients. Ever since the bill was introduced back in February, the purpose of the bill was clear — it meant to tax sick people who rely on medical marijuana. Measures like this are particularly harmful for patients who often have limited incomes and who face serious illnesses. And no insurance company currently covers the cost of medical marijuana.

But once the bill hit the Senate floor this past week, it looked like it might not reach the two-thirds vote required. The solution was an attempt to dodge the constitutional standard with a crass amendment that simply swaps out words. With the stroke of a lawmaker’s pen, the 15% tax became a 15% "user fee" — meaning a simple majority may be required to pass.

Desperate members of the California Senate are now trying to side-step constitutional protections in an effort to stick medical marijuana patients with a tax. The state constitution requires tax bills to pass with a two-thirds vote, but lawmakers are making a shameful attempt to get around that requirement to raise revenue off the backs of the sick by simply replacing the word "tax" with "user fee."

Please contact your senator right now and voice your opposition. Then, you can help spread the word and forward this message to friends, family, and supporters in California.

And now our last piece on compassion, under the topic of being humane. This time it's animal and animal. Now I know what you're thinking. 'Yeah show me a hungry lion and a fat lamb' but that's not the side we're talking here. We're talking same 'kind' as mentioned in 'Readers'. You may have to watch the vid twice because it is so hard to believe at first glance. Go here to see this incredible revival.

So, what happened to our feline friend who opened this story like Bernie Sanders, kicked to the curb by someone Coyote ugly? Well, like 'Max' [Memoirs] once said to me when in a similar situation, "I don't worry much about you, Pete. From what I've seen, you always land on your feet."

 Coming next - Shakespeare In The Stark [Part 1 - The Back Story] (*- And now, women too)

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