Thursday, July 28, 2016

CLINTEXIT - Political Satire


Temecula, CA – Today marks a new low or a new high for this country, depending on how you look at things, and if you look past the veneer of polished shit. If Jack H. was here he'd say it himself. The Emperor Wears No Clothes! Will people keep to their convictions, or be swayed by the convention that was stolen from the little people, the people of conscience, and now used to stampede the sheep? Even though there are those trying to sound a warning.

Today the powers that be are trying to stem the tide of Bernie Sanders supporters leaving the party like salmon swimming upstream after seeing the shameful way Show Hoe Hillary paraded a neutered Bernie Sanders around like a pimp's ho. Hillary could have showed some class, but that's a lot to ask of someone who steals the White House dinner ware when she could have gotten her own set from the Franklin Mint. Bill, she's worth that much.

At any rate, the Black Sox won and now the country is divided while trying to pull the Russians in. Putin wants nothing from the USA, particularly our American food, grain, and oil. As the country is treated to some old-fashioned home-spun hogwash from Arkansas city slickers via the mainstream bought media, here we look at the real Hillary and SMH at how so many black folks could swallow such swill from a diehard racist who once appeared in blackface. Will wonders never cease? I guess PT Barnum was right.

We've all heard the down home version of young Bill and Hillary,

but not all of it.

 Now that's the kind of shit that will make you slap yo pappy. Here's the pappy who got bitch-slapped.


 For a minute Hillary tried to pull the bagel or beagle trick?

But the real Hillary was never far away. Now the actual Clinton agenda can be revealed, again.

Hillary Clinton, our Monsanto presidential candidate, backed by Wall Street, and cheered by Big Pharma.

And don't forget to shop Walmart.

Hillary showed the BLM crowd how much she respects Black Lifes, which is about the same as before.

The only thing black that Hillary likes is a fashion statement,

And being in the black for her and her ilk.

Hillary has been shown to hear one thing and do another,

And while she dangled Elizabeth Warren to all the handkerchief heads both black, white, and female,

 The Temecula Calendar predicted this limp dick back with our June 9 issue.

Now some pundits see the Queen as having second thoughts, but as we said before, these opinions miss the King's involvement as the real vice President and First Gent.

Though his personal opposition to abortion may irritate those who favor a women’s right to choose, and his past support for trade deals and military interventions may irritate—well, he’s a centrist Democrat, virtually a Nelson Rockefeller Republican, like Hillary, so a lot of his stances will offend the more progressive among many in the Bernie Sanders camp.

To them, the Kaine pick feels like a “pronounced middle finger,” because Kaine is far to the right on a host of pressing issues—”reproductive rights, climate change, financial regulation, and corporate-friendly trade agreements …than where they think the party, and the country, should be headed.” But none of that is “new” offense because he’s basically mirroring what Clinton’s positions are likely to be once she stops pivoting. Of course when Bill was in, it wasn't just Clive Bundy's public gazing land that became Federal Property,

Now the Clintons are coming back to finish the job the George Dubya started, and get a replacement set of WH dinnerware since the original purloined set was a wedding present. But the Queen, well,

We are witnessing a presidential election of epic farce. It is to be expected that the DNC chair will have close relations with any Democratic occupant of the Executive Mansion. But for Wasserman Schultz and her team to actively undermine (not just ridicule) the Bernie campaign is all the evidence you need that there is a corporate establishment firmly planted within the Democratic Party—and that it does not play fair.

20,000 DNC emails came to light documenting the collusion between DNC and it’s preferred candidate, whereupon the head of the party Wasserman-Schultz resigned. In a heartbeat Hillary praised her service to the Democratic Party and made her the honorary chair of the Clinton campaign. Because,

Propelled by voters who are, in some ways, more like the Manhattan Indians accepting $24 in beads.

All brought onboard because the only lives blacks care about are their own, and a another Sanders.

But those folks don't know what the Monsanto Madam has in store for those votes.  bon appétit.

All in a wild-eyed manic, no-holds-barred, strap-on wearer bid to make history.

Meanwhile the mainstream 1% owned media tries to make it seem more equal,

but the real people's hope is more like this, 


(Certain editorial comment from the LA Progressive, thanks Dick and Sharon Price - Ed)

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  1. I'm pretty sure you have lost your total and complete mind Pete. The thought of you supporting Donald Trump for president makes my fu**ing skin crawl.