Saturday, July 16, 2016



Temecula, CA – If you have been waking up lately to crystal clear California skies, the way the skys look over Sacramento, you can credit Hillary Clinton for that temporary re-passe. Like a city political party that paves the streets every election cycle, so Hillary Clinton is trying to show voters the power she has over Obama by getting him to stop the Geo Engineering spraying program, like a boss. Of course anybody with a brain knows the day after Hillary is crowned, the term 'blue skies' will be found in song lyrics and Wall Street conversations only. Given the constant positive propaganda and no outcry against the corruption in the mainstream, the collective National IQ level is a ball in play.

Scarier is the Vice Admiral selection of Donald Trump, given that the country loved John Kennedy and they killed him. Now you have half the country hating on Trump and if he wins [which I believe will happen], do I really need to finish that scenario? These are times to believe in something besides having a next drink. The tricky part is, what do you believe in? Or perhaps the question should be, what God do you really trust in? The one printed on your money, the same one that you give a tip back to in a weekly cycle? Research this, the use of money and a weekly devotional cycle both came out of Babylon at the same time. Just saying.

When you see one SCOTUS dying under creepy circumstances and another earning public scorn for politicking for the Wall Street candidate by bashing her opponent, you can see the treasonous shape the United States is in following the bankers' plan of control which began in 1913 with the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the prohibition of cannabis done through changing the plant's name to marijuana, a recurring theme now with AUMA [Prop 64]. After the jump, a better look at things without TV, cough Their View.

Trump has been outspent famously by Hillary's ill-gotten gain, but to what avail?

Hillary's camp, meanwhile, having knifed 60% of the Democrats in the heart, has lost traction against the populist Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Every day more and more people are seeing the writing on the wall, written by the bankers.

Despite all the brownie points Ads Hillary runs, the masses still understand the basis for Clinton politics.

And that this is the same DNC that voted for the TPP, flacking, and other measures Bernie Sanders talked against.

Meanwhile, other voices in the news are giving The Don credit for 'having a point.'


Hillary, on the other hand, while floating Warren, Hickenlooper, and Castro, but you go to where your heart is at.

Someone else who is comfortable with colored people, easy going, like chicken, and smiles big. Though talking smack, Hillary still hasn't picked a VP selection, but Trump made a strategic choice, Mike Pence, an Indiana governor with an interesting, to say the least, past record.

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