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Temecula, CA – About the time of my 'spring break' a lot was going on. While that may not be unusual for some, it is for me. I cover news but that is usually someone else's news, and I cover it on my own time schedule. Around the time I speak of, a lot was going on in my personal life, therefore some stories got put on a back burner, and then of course, new news caught up so it has been like that until now.

I was all set to go to the LA420 games but plans fell apart on my end, though I was able to help ensure a turnout due to some social networking, and through cross-promoting a fellow reporter did attend. His report is up right after the jump. But first a little back story. The Star of Cannabis has lit up the scene in a flash of magic. This esoteric factor has intoxicated those delivered from the clutches of prescription medications, ie., opiads, making them much like the newly saved at a tent revival; the fire of conviction blazing in their eyes and voice. Into the mix of existing cannabis people, prescription drug establishment converts are now medical marijuana advocates. Imagine the social self-esteem issues encountered, so removing the patented notion that marijuana equates 'stoner' is tantamount to spreading this healing alternative to other establishment people in distress, thus a noble goal.

In that vein the LA420 Games came about to demonstrate that people who are fit and active, read young movers & shakers, can also be MMJrs. As a person who lived a dual life much like a cool alcoholic, undetected by the uninitiated, I can appreciate these folks' effort to remove the cultural stain placed upon cannabis by hypocritical Democrats [Clintons, Obama] and family value Republicans [Nixon, Reagan]. As we wait to see whether California cannabis will withstand the efforts of the NWO folks [Bush, Soros, Parker] to entrap the hope from Pandora's box, you must understand that 90% of the people helped by cannabis do not believe or read history, religious theory, or understand real magick [linchpins to cannabis understanding beyond the how and on to the why]. Now our report from Calendar Correspondent Matthew Lopez.

"It was a beautiful sunny morning at the Santa Monica Pier as runners, power walkers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and everyday beach lovers alike gathered together for the Los Angeles 420 Games.

Photo - Matthew Lopez

As event goers enjoyed the sites, sounds, and scenery of the 4.20 mile course, they were also greeted with a slew of musicians, food vendors, and distinguished speakers from the cannabis industry- speakers such as Tracy Ryan of the Cannakids and Saving Sophie Foundation, Aaron Justice of Buds and Roses Collective, and Steve DeAngelo of the famous Harborside Health Center.

The 420 Games is an athletic event project that first began in August of 2014 at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Since then it has continued to gain acceptance, recognition, and is now underway to take place in several different locations in a tour across the country.

We spoke with the people behind the 420 Games games to find out more about there wonderful events.

What first inspired the creation of the 420 Games?

“I’ve built a long running carrier in the Ski Industry and it’s been a great and rewarding career, but the recent California drought affected our business rather radically for a few years so we decided to seek out a new venture. I’ve always been an athlete and I’ve always used cannabis as a benefit to my life, so to be able to use the strengths of my various career paths and combine it with this passion for cannabis is truly a rewarding experience. Although the ski industry recovered and is doing amazingly well, we still wanted to venture out and continue this passion project.”

What exactly is the 420 Games?

“In a sentence, I’d say that the 420 Games are events meant to de-stigmatize cannabis and the people who use it through feats of athleticism. In a longer sense, we created this event to show (rather then say) that people who use cannabis are not what many consider to be stereotypical cannabis users; we are friends, neighbors, hard workers, and lovers of this very useful plant.”

As 2pm came around it was time to depart from the Santa Monica Pier. From there it was onward to the after party which took place locally at The V Lounge. While there, guests were able to wind down with food, drinks, camaraderie – and as the after party continued into the night, lounge-goers were treated to an amazing performance by several musical artists including well known reggae artist, Pato Bantan.

“This has been a really rewarding experience and so we encourage anyone who is inspired or interested in learning more about the 420 Games to come check out our website for information on upcoming dates and locations.”

The 420 Games 2016 tour will be taking place in California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. For more information on their tour schedule, sponsors, and ticket info, you can visit their website."

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