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Temecula, CA – As anyone can tell from reading a few of my reports, I always seem to manage a Biblical reference or angle where other writers may only see a coincidence, if they mention anything at all. The reasons for leaving out any Biblical tie-in or religious reference are many. While no longer endorsing organized religion from any orthodox doctrine, I have seen too many things in my life to deny the existence of interplay levels beyond the sight of some, or most humans. What we all do see is the fallout from those who are nefariously in cahoots. We begin this report with a MOM who was in Vermont for the start of their Label GMO Ingredients bill that took effect July 1, 2016.

“Last Thursday night, after Senator [Bernie] Sanders made a passionate, intelligent and frank argument for amending the federal GMO "labeling" bill to adopt the Vermont standards, I was encouraged and hopeful. I turned my attention to dinner and family. Then I saw an email from a national labeling coalition stating that we would have a coalition call tomorrow, after "something happens." So I did not think anything would "happen" that evening except more speeches either stating the obvious or stating a pack of lies. Hardly anyone did.

At 10:15pm a vote had been called to deny amendments and to pass the bill. 63-30 of our Senators voted to deny states rights, not label most of GMOs and to have labeling be voluntary in the USA. At 10:40pm I checked in and saw a furry of messages.
Astounding. While other countries are banning GMOs and restricting the use of toxic chemicals, in the USA, the majority of our Senators throwing the door wide open to widespread contamination of GMOs and giving free reign to chemical companies.

Next, the bill, according to sources, will go to appropriations. Some Senators are declaring that they will fight to make the meager requirements of a QR Code, website or telephone number at least mandatory. We are not enthused. With GMO soy and canola oil, high fructose corn syrup and sugar from GMO sugar beets, the primary ways GMOs contaminate our food supply, NOT to be labeled, what "labeling" there is that will be "required" means nothing.

Obviously we cannot rely on the current Senators to protect us. We call on every supporter to take note of how their Senator voted and make sure to vote accordingly come re election time. Only the people who protect and respect Americans deserve to serve in our government.

We would like to congratulate the states who had the good sense to vote into office Senators like Sanders, Merkley, Durbin, Merkowski, Leahy, Tester, and Blumenthal among others. You can watch the proceedings and final vote here.

The  bill now goes to the House. Our Congress members will vote Tuesday, likely pass it, and send it to President Obama Wednesday. They are in a rush to get this done, with no amendments, no hearing, and no regard for 90% American that want GMO labels clearly on the packages.
If the bill goes to Obama on Wednesday, he can either sign it into law that day, not sign it into law and let it not go into effect if he waits 10 days, or he can veto it. We prefer the latter. The problem is, it is not likely. He may be convinced that this is the best compromise.

We cannot, however, simply allow this to happen without our Senators and President hearing from us.

We have a couple of actions we are asking you to take.

1. Sign the petition to the President.
Please sign and share and remember that with this type of petition, you have to confirm it via the email address you use.  So be sure to click when you get the email, or it doesn't count.

Please sign here-

You can share with your friends from the site after you confirm your signature.
GMO Free USA has a great graphic to share on FB and Twitter-
FB link: Call your Congress member. It's easy, just call 202-225-3121 and say "Congress" and tell them your state and zip code. You will be connected to your Congress member and you can leave a message.
Make sure your Congress member knows:

This bill is a sham. It does not label the majority of GMOs and even the FDA criticizes it.
This bill is discriminatory- elderly, low income and rural people may not want or have access to a smart phone, and do not get data signals in remote areas.

It destroys democracy by denying all the work  Vermont, CT, Maine and Virginia plus 30+ states which have filed GMO labeling initiatives.” - MAA [Moms Across America]

For me the fact that this bill was advanced on 7-7, with God's number being represented twice, is consequential. And don't forget, Hillary Clinton is a [ex] Monsanto lawyer and the wimp on her short list, Tom Kaine D-VA, also voted 'Yea'. 

See y'all at the polls.

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