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Temecula, CA – When Donald Trump announced his bid for the Commander-in-chief of the United States, there was already a set hierarchy in place, as far as the Democrats were concerned. That progression didn't include any rubes from Kentucky, smart or stupid. You can almost hear Elton John's The Bitch Is Back echoing through the halls of Congress.

The Republican Party, who fought an eons old economic system, slavery, to bring in the modern system of banking, lending, and commercialization to the South, mounted a unified defense to the Democratic arrogance with a host of willing opponents to oppose their presupposed 2016 Presidential contender. It wasn't a case of smelling the pizza, but smelling the perfume.

For a while, the people had hope in the Democrats outsider, GMO champion Bernie Sanders. Bernie put up a good fight but the Democrat side had the game fixed in the old-fashioned machine politics way, this time using gender rather than a pint of liquor to get the swing. Alas Bernie was too classy, too spot on, too old, and too slow to dance. Sometimes valor doesn't win the day [page 107, Memoirs]. For some Donald Trump is a dream, for others he is a nightmare, but to me, I only see one question: Is he the waiter bringing America the check? We look at The Don after the jump.

Everywhere you look and almost every opinion you see from someone who is famously in the news for one opinion or another, gives Donald Trump a 'are you fucking kidding me' or a 'how did we come to this' sound bite. And that's just the guys. Overseas in Britain the political critique is more biting.

When you understand that even the Republican Party doesn't want Trump, at least among those who see themselves as part of the establishment, then The Trumpster's true political value comes into play because this election has come full circle, as the last stand between the 'haves' and 'have-nots' being championed by a 'have-mucho'. As illustrated by past rebels against the establishment way, it is usually those who come from being above or outside the daily grind of the common man who stir the tempest. When you're flipping burgers everyday you got no time to be political.

Trump will now pick up those Rand Paul voters which Hillary had in abundance during her 2008 run against Barack Obama, something noted in the meme below. In fact, Hillary has lassoed the majority of Obama's constituency, a market demo who didn't and wouldn't recognize her as viable in 2008. Jesus found out how fickle the crowd was in just a week; now imagine 8 years, and the people don't get it. Kind of makes you wonder who the real 3rd graders are, doesn't it?

As an anti-establishment candidate, whether the mainstream news wants to call him that or not, The Don talks about the TPP [and by virtue, GMOs], mandatory vaccinations and the autism connection, and the constant wars this country fights and then asks the citizens to fund support programs, enabling a well-paid private bureaucracy to exist, cough, Wounded Warrior. Trump talks against the establishment.

There will be some who talk of voting a third choice but anyone over the age of 30 has seen just where that logic has gotten, nowhere. When you see the blatant political corruption done during this election cycle, something talked about here and there and everywhere, one time or another, you realize that Trump's main message is accountability. Politicians have wrecked this country for its citizens and that needs to be addressed, seems to be Trump's message of sorts through otherwise generalities concerning conclusions. When you are in the spotlight, everything you say is blown out of proportion. To me it's a sign of his Divinity that Jesus' words hold up the way they do to carry both weight and insight.

American elections are said to be the choosing of the lessor of two evils. This time it is the choice of a well known evil [the establishment] and who's behind Door Nummbbbeerr Two.

Door Number One isn't a surprise, it's a conclusion for a Monsanto lawyer.

So maybe, that's the Divine Plan. After all, we are a perishable species.

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