Friday, July 29, 2016



Temecula, CA – Perhaps the thing that most appears like the original Christians, not those of today, is the phenomena of word-of-mouth 'secret' Friday Night sessions happening all over California as those in the cannabis field find themselves backed into a corner by the gentrification of cannabis through the re-branding of marijuana by NGOs.

No doubt many of these secret seshes are serious, however a number have turned into a type of Farmer's Market where patients with proper ID's can peruse various wares for sample or donation without the middleman operation for delivery services and clinics, resulting in a lower cost to the patient. This is the prime result of a free unburdened medical marijuana culture operating without corrupt government or union interference.

As serious as all that sounds, the Friday Night Sesh with my fav book reps is anything but, though business is definitely taken care of. After the jump, we pick up where we left off in Part 1 and show you some available treats. 

We left off with the party indoors. Outside in the warm dry summer city air, attendees were treated to a showing of Pineapple Express, a recent Hollywood look at the relationship between a closet pot smoker and his dealer. [For a real look at that type of relationship without the Hollywood Spin, check here.]

Hot food was also available outdoors from various local vendors [street tacos, beef or chicken (white meat), and fixings], again economically priced since this is real grass roots on a Friday night.

And for those who had sweet tooth munchies, the FNS had you covered.

Inside the scene of the indoor sesh, the merchant vendors were both informative, friendly, and below MSRP, a feature non-entrepreneur MMJ folks know is the way cannabis is and was always meant to be.

There was a featured artist who heads a small conglomerate encompassing music and cannabis products, having been featured in the July-Sept 2014 issue of One West Magazine. The OG Rome CD title Grind Mode Vol. 1 is definitely worth a listen.

And now the products.

With an award-winner or two.

Wow! What a Friday night, and a great sesh. Now the call goes out for this Friday as more and more join the free, really free of government corruption such as the type we all witnessed with the DNC. TGIF.

This week promises a different line-up for the FNS as a tribe of gamers descends on the party this Friday.

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