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Temecula, CA – On a day filled with sudden surprises, like a bus breakdown [blown lower radiator hose] less than a block after boarding, and it being Winston's birthday [a Memoirs main character*], three witnesses went to LA's Friday Night Sesh with the 420Nurses bearing the gift of some blond Lebanese hash [refer to pp. 178-80] hand-pressed by one of them. It was old school on a night of old school mixing with new school, the theme of sorts for this week's cannabis event.

Filled with many more MMJrs as the 411 spreads via the word-of-mouth techno platforms I can't keep up with but those who will be criminalized by AUMA, if it passes, can, a grassroots movement grows when watered by viewer traffic of those hip to the dip. The two witnesses traveling with me, their guide, responding to the first story about last week's FNS, are current leaders in the marijuana activists posting on Snap Chat.

For me, the night would be another validation to the compassion of a free market unregulated by a corrupt Establishment who worships the god on money, and the next rung up the ladder of lightning captured in a bottle for the world famous 420Nurse patient models. Who knew Yoda had an Earth daughter? Let's look in, shall we?

The place looks aglow in this tilted flash picture from my free smart phone.

Quite possibly a foreshadow, I picked up a [free] copy of The 420 Book, a guide to SD's clinics and Doctors by neighborhood. Under AUMA, a full 4-color slick info mag like this will retail for to MMJrs (est.) for $9.95+ taxes, state and city.

This week's theme was set by a visiting tribe of gamers, Thrills on Wheels. The bus, a traveling 80s video arcade, brought out the old schoolers.

A look inside, 

Outside the evening's hostesses were providing a pleasant sesh atmosphere for visitor and vendor.

This FNS event added more real core cannabis cause activists, like Jeff Clark, off to debate Whoopie Goldberg over AUMA in SD this coming weekend. BSC plans to cover this event from the inside. Keep it here all week as we bring in updates. [Oh Whoopie! First your Bill Cosby defense, now AUMA - get off your meds, girl - ed]

The variety of food vendors and food offerings more than doubled.

After guiding my friends around the outside to get their viewers involved, since their stories were trending at #1 on the Friday Night LA Stories, we tooled upstairs to the party, stopping first to peek in on some 420Nurses behind the scenes.

Then it was off to the party, although we briefly paused when the needle went off the Richter scale because this image blazed a buzz.

File photo
It would seem that we weren't the only 'witnesses' recording the event. Could this be a basketballer's daughter?

 Guess again, Slim Jim.

Everywhere you looked, it was alive with positive vibes.

After a bevy of 420Nurses rolled in, the night's Hostesses joined the party as everything clicked like a Vault show back in the day.

The Friday Night Sesh was sssmmmook-king

Some who dabbed got party pooped,

But the pros, they never froze.

Again, happy faces, useful products, informative vendors. A Friday Night Sesh truly means TGIF for MMJrs.


Always amid the beat.

And then the FNS drew to a close for this week.

And remember this sentiment, which will lead our next feature about the signing of the GMO Deny Americans the Right to Know [DARK] Act or S 764, signed into law shortly before this FNS event took place, by President Obama in Washington, a present to Hillary Clinton, a former Monsanto lawyer.

Be here for our next BSC story: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, They're Yours.

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