Sunday, July 24, 2016



Temecula, CA – This adventure begin with some firsts. It was my time taking the new South Perris Riverside rail line that began operating in early June [sweet ride]. It was the first time witnessing a same-sex bus fight [emotionally brutal but no blood or no disruption in trip schedule]. It was the first time leaving one fire behind only to find another one waiting for me to shoot. It all went with working my way to my first Friday Night Sesh with the models who rep my book, Memoirs.

The FNS event, which started last Friday and is the very Spirit at the heart of what's been called 'the wild west' of pot, was called for by the edible/extract producer market segment as a way to promote these expanding cannabis avenues. You see, Sports Fans, marijuana is one of 10000 different uses in that realm of cannabis. And cannabis will replace cash [see Memoirs, rear cover text, Amazon].

Also, say what you will about a certain peppery lawyer who will remained unnamed by this journalist, but you can't deny that a firebrand spreads the heat among the coals, as was seen inside the Sesh on Friday night. Next FNS I attend, I'm taking some stickers. Everybody loves stickers. And posters.

So make the jump to attend this Friday Night Sesh in shots, with no liquor in the front or poker in the rear; just good cannabis, good eats, and good times in great weather.

On the way up, we passengers noticed a new fire off in the east hills. One passenger said he saw flames as we passed the Bob Hope Airport.

Later on the ground the view was reminiscent of Thursday in my valley news.

Once I got a lay of the land, getting there 'with the band' so to speak, the Friday Night Sesh got underway.

There were couches,

And those serving couch-lock,

Or fresh, juicy strawberries covered in white medicated chocolate. Your call.

YUMMMEE, I opted for red and tasty
Plenty of bud to smell,

An assortment of technology based on a 'need to have' assessment. And bud.

And bud.

Good eats were all medicated,

Super cuties,

And posters.

And that was just indoors. End of Part 1. to be continued...

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