Friday, July 8, 2016



Temecula, CA – Gone are the days when you could George Jefferson it; today's world is inside out, upside down, right is left, nothing is sacred, good is bad, all is lost, revenge is mine, God is dead, Jesus is coming, kind of place. To those aware, this is past scary, this is downright Twilight Zone Zoroastrian.

In the end all the hoped for promises of the Sanders Democrats, ideas and reforms Hillary seemed to also espouse [for the sake of arguments] to attract liberals, were all thrown in front of the DNC bus as the Democrats were betrayed by the Benghazi Butcher. As a friend recently said, “The thing about Hillary is she will tell a lie when the truth would do.”

Not only that, when you hear what the Democrats platform is for this election, you'd think it was written by Dick Cheney and Spiro Agnew. So after the jump, we take a look at Hillary's supporters, Hillary's mentors, and Hillary's people, in our usual rascally visual way. Meanwhile, what a revolting development this is when even the FBI have been clipped as if entangled in a magic invisible rope by some American Way wonder woman. Do we all live in the comics now and somewhere there is a Daily Planet?
Hillary's people voted to stay in the EU.

Hillary's young SWF class are well intention-ed, but a bit off the mark.

All the while dangling a red herring impossible dream in hopes of dividing the country by sex,

Because though she won't tell it, Hillary knows the truth for what it is.

Besides, the Queen has a King so her pick now would be her Jester.

Black forty-somethings continued to talk smack at being pandered to,

But older establishment Higroes, I mean Negroes, seem to be all over it, confident in a move on up.

With SBFs swearing allegiance as only Tyler Perry 'real lifes' can do,

Or moms of the future soldiers for Hillary's next regime change already used to emasculation.

Because like Hitler, Hillary has an agenda for her Jews.

But as a Monsanto lawyer, it doesn't stop there. Here's what RT had to say about the DNC. 

And now with Bill Clinton's meeting with anti-MMJ DoJ head Loretta Lynch bringing forth a 'no indictment' in a wake of election fraud so blatant it even made the front page of the Valley News, July 1-7 issue, it's easy to see terrifying times ahead as the latest black is shot down by police down South.

For those who know Matthew 24 [KJV] for it's prophecy, the pattern seems to indicate a directed choice to be caught between a cock and a hard place. It is the Day of Divine Intervention now for us all. Because of the seriousness, as the Clock of Destiny strikes 12, we offer up some gallows humor.

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