Friday, July 22, 2016



Temecula, CA – As the news moves from lampooning Trump to more brick-blasting in their vain attempt to make Hillary Clinton look less despicable to the world, this Friday as fires still smolder to our southwest leftover from yesterday's massive blaze, I again make my way up to the city of angels, and nurses, 420Nurses.

Los Angeles has been hosting a number of events lately dedicated to the younger medical marijuana patient and voter. The 420Nurses have, as usual, been right in the thick of things by wo-maning up helpful, enthusiastic vendor help, friendly faces, cheerful smiles, and a kind word for other patients like themselves.

The organization, began in 2009 as a home to young women themselves who were dealing with the everyday problems associated with today's younger MMJ patient in society. Being an open model agency means members don't feel pressured and can grow in experience at their own appetite pace. Like musicians, the 420Nurses are part of the party, not just attending the party, while representing a brand logo that speaks volumes about the plant cannabis.

The latest LA event venture is the commencement of a weekly Friday Night Sesh [session] for networking, fun, and food, all happening under the warm summer weather in the LA basin known as the San Fernando Valley [SFV]. Having read about this event just last week, I left a message saying how cool this seemed, especially on a Friday night. Fridays have a different vibe to them since the day is named after a female deity, unlike Thor's Day [Thursday].

As you can see from the above ad banner, those cannabis cuties knew just how to entice me away from this magic valley, at least for a weekend, to memoir it. So before I head out to partake another Indiana Jones type of weekend affair, and as the dust settles from the Republican Convention leaving Hillary to pick her real VP, cough Kaine, after short-sheeting Warren, Sanders, and the SEIU, I couldn't leave without all my readers knowing why I love this valley so much. It's the people!!

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