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Temecula, CA – If that title is confusing, imagine how confused the general public is over being stampeded in this latest round of cognitive dissonance. What is cognitive dissonance? Simply, wanting desired outcome C, and given [A] the subjects, you stage an event [B] as a stampeded impulse resulting in C. Cognitive dissonance is the logic behind what is called a 'false flag' incidence. The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag and it brought the Vietnam Police Action [War].

After numerous regime change false flags, both to traumatize the populace and politicize the enemy, read terrorist radicals*, today's false flags are to disarm the citizenry, a move done in the past in various countries yielding the same result. Ask any Armenian.

Another dictator who banned guns after the Armenian Genocide
With the SCOTUS opening the floodgates for money to pour into Congress now, it would seem that only Big Don, big BIG Don, is all that stands in the way of outright government ownership and insurrection in these treasonous times. When a California story makes a wave in Davenport, IA to me that's news. When that same story is tied to the Orlando, Fla. mass killings at The Pulse, hinted to be a false flag previously here and other other citizen news sources, then that's news you need to know about, as taxpayers and citizens this 4th of July.

It all started with a phone call from Randy, 'Winston' in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. He was calling to wish me a Happy Birthday from Davenport, IA but he mentioned some terrorist event being stopped out here in LA before it could take place. Then he mentioned that they wondered if the mass shooting in Orlando was somehow tied in, but the news trail got cold after that.

Since I don't watch TV and Randy does, any news I get from him always has some bearing in my life. In this case my nose for news had smelled a red herring, though the bottom line was 49 or 50 young people [tourists] out enjoying themselves were dead, many others were injured, and scores were traumatized, permanently mentally scared.

From the start the 'official version' had holes. First there was a report that this 'lone gunman' had issues seeing a gay couple kiss in front of his son. Another report said he had accomplices, then the police were told not to enter, and so forth.

In today's wired world it wasn't too hard to track down the details, thanks to Truth Cat.

Don't expect anything from the FBI over Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what the media says, millions across the country see the blatant corruption occurring as if the country has lost its moral compass. Meanwhile the world has moved on pass a Turkey shoot to another Baghdad blowup. You have to wonder, when do we start our counting for the prophesied 2,000,000,000?

The prognosis is more of the same. If you hold what it says in the Bible [whether you still believe in organized, read Establishment religion], then you know JC advised, 'Be aware, and endure. Have faith and don't stress, but be aware. Multiply your talent and keep active.'

Happy July 4th – number two in our Looking Past The Flag series.

(*- Dog whistle word for Muslims)

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