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Temecula, CA – For months the Calendar has seen the financial winds of the surrounding cities blow good and bad, according to the ever changing reports appearing in the Valley News, the Weekly, and other sources. I put top men on solving this financial reversal of fortunes that seemed to run in cycles.

It at started with rosy financial news for Menifee in their announcement of the second largest sales tax revenue increase to date, because for the 5th year in a row, the 3rd quarter sales tax revenues outpaced the prior year's results [Valley News, 3-4-2016 issue]. That same edition reported that 10 cities, including Temecula, paid the county $120,000,000 for the most recent year of Sheriff services.

The 4-8-2016 Valley News issue spoke about a potential tax referendum coming to Menifee in a story that featured a picture notation with Lisa Almendarez speaking about glyphosate, but with no follow up in the printed story about the subject or the city council's response, if there was one. Bad news hurts wine ad sales.

As if to show how your tax dollars work for you, the aforementioned issue also contained the story of a huge 3 day roundup of illegal medical marijuana grows in Anza. Although the story is informative in detailing the execution of the raid, search, and seizure Gestapo tactics like those being used in Northern California, it is the exclusive interview given to the Valley News's Kim Harris that is the most unnerving. When a policeman who is the head of the Marijuana Enforcement Team misquotes the written law, you know there is no law, just us. Check your 4-8-2016 issue, bottom of page 3, last paragraph, quoted by Lt. Paul Bennet, out of Hemet [figures]. There is a reason to keep District 3 out of Hemet hands, folks.

Checking the Bennet quote for legal accuracy with our council, it was remarked, “I can't believe Sheriff Sniff lets one of his men pop off like that. It looks like Bennet is trying to scare the folks in Anza into supporting the state sponsored pot legalization bill, Prop 64 or AUMA.

This AUMA bill was drawn up the same way as the TPP, with no input from the people affected, only those who stand to make millions off the new 'regulations', curbs, and fees through a monopoly on marijuana, imposed by those who only love the money, not the compassion. I think, living in a valley with a church on every corner instead of a bar, we all know what the Bible says about those who love money.

The next mention of money-wanting comes with news, once again from the Valley News, 6-3-2016 issue and sheds light on two decisions, one of which was pending on voter choice. The first report shows the source of the added expense authorization, the Board of Supervisors, who approved Sheriff Stanley Sniff's 'request to hike the rates charged' to cities and other contracted use of deputies.

In that same issue was all the Valley News ballyhoo over Hemet's tax Measure E, promptly promoted in the tourist news. This measure was dog whistle politics for Hemet's scared older trailer trash who have nowhere to white-flight to. The tax would be borne by the poorest, the slowest, and the laziest of Hemet, the ones who can't or won't drive over to the next town to shop. Once again this tax is being promoted by the Hemet police chief Dave Brown, after being thought up by some ad hoc committee [and all committees get paid, they are not free in politics].

The Weekly of June 16 [put out by the PE] featured a story by Tom Sheridan about Menifee wanting to reclaim control of their city parks in an effort to save $3M a year paid to Valley-Wide, the firm who has been caretaker of the park system for 27 years. The new city took over the west side [of the I-215] parks from Riverside County already and plans to consolidate park operation in an effort to cut costs.

The Weekly of June 30 exclaimed that Temecula was now in the throes of 'budgetary storm clouds' itself, again from the rising costs of police and fire services. Meanwhile the state in the north is again punishing the state in the south by withholding a surplus of judges in the north from the judge drought in the south.

By the week of July 8, Valley News posted news of Memifee's 4th Quarter sales tax gain that climbed 20% overall when compared to the previous year in the see-saw economics reported about Menifee. And just this week in the July 22 edition, the report is that now the city of Hemet is planning to move past the rules that they lost to in the defeat of Measure E by renaming the failed measure the Public Safety Tax. Howard Rosenthal, a Measure E co-chairman spoke in dog whistle terms as he asked the Hemet City Council to impose a general tax, which only needs a simple majority to be enacted.

As we can see from the latest email scandal, the Democrats are hypocrites that cheat, whilst the Republicans are hypocrites that bully until they get their way. However, here in Riverside County, the pressure for more scratch [money] comes from the Sniff who is Sheriff of Notthavingpot. However, one door closes, another door opens as 10 cities join to say...

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