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Temecula, CA – The lyric goes, “Once in a while you will fall, but it's all, in the game.” The line refers to the 'game of love' or romance, but the lyric could also refer to the Game of Life as I saw when I went to Burning Man in 2008. Having heard about 'the man' since the 60s, your concept of the man really depends on who you are and where you live.

For me, this reality crystallized as I watched the awesome wooden image high atop a platform burn, amid explosions that you could feel wind concussions from. The flames dance on your eyeballs, especially if you found the girl with the baby carriage and the cooler full of chocolate covered magic mushrooms. Sitting there with 50,000 other people out in the desert like a Jew in the Sinai, the concept of what the Man burning was supposed to symbolize came into focus. The Man wasn't the cops, the political system, or even the Establishment. But the Man is real, by way of alchemy.

Being in a camp for a week with no money system in place, yet having a functioning society, albeit temporary, is eye-opening, and you understand that The Man is the Image in Daniel 2, the image of money/commerce [in Daniel] or mammon [NT, Matt, Luke]. Later you see that the golden calf which doomed many Jews in Moses time, is the same Bull guarding Wall Street, all grown up. In fact, the 'In God We Trust' on our money refers to mammon, the same god that billions go to Sunday prayers for and Friday worship service is dedicated to. The Jews on Saturday are under a different offense and won't be covered here. How did this happen and how does it work? After the jump, but you knew that.

Let's look at the 'how does it work' part first. Alchemy is a system that allows for the holodeck that is our world to exist in as it does. This is the stage of Shakespeare’s metaphor. The prop room is the realm the Greeks say is the place for every original [read stereotype] idea, ie., the first tree, the first chair, etc. It is on this level that the Architect exists. Alchemy is a system like the metric system. Once you have figured out the base root, then you can navigate in or possibly operate the system, similar to Neo or Tron. Still, everything operates withing that system, even the Architect. Hence, the Architect is an operator, not an owner or a creator. The architect's real identity is mammon, or more respectfully, Mammon, the god of Money. Because of alchemy, Mammon isn't seen but he is felt by everyone and everything, one way or another, most of the time. But not all the time. Mammon is The Man.

The Matrix is the construct of Mammon, therefore it's energy flows from most things like an artery to this god. The idea behind this artery system is the circulation of money, or commerce, be it for good or evil [not necessarily bad since progress is the desired result. Progress means advancement toward a goal. Our present 'end times' is that goal].

Since the arterial energy around the matrix is the flow of money, everything inside the matrix is available through or for the money you have. This monetary privilege is cemented by the principle of ownership, a principle that Jesus was constantly at odds with commercially. The rise of ownership gives way to the design of machinations with the intended outcome of concentrating wealth and power to within a few. The results of this inbreeding aren't pretty even among the winners.

When you apply alchemy to the warning, 'the love of money is the root of all evil' and understand how evil isn't the opposite of good, you understand how the enchantment in the myth of ownership intoxicates those of a certain nature; mainly descendants from Cain who are called goats in the Bible. The stubborn nature of the goats aligns with ownership and money facilitates that end, so the system of capitalization will always run counter to compassion as it operates through the fear of scarcity, which sets the value in money, for an object or service. Now that scarcity has been turned to economic privilege through legal bribes known as fees or taxes, all to collect money that you have been loaned with interest based on your valued worth to your fellow consumers.

The length of the matrix algorithm is nearing a change in frequency due to the allotted time being fulfilled, like a wheel turning after a cog is filled with sand for weight. The controllers of time lie outside the matrix which is subject to time. The burning of the Man each year at [now] Black Rock City on a Saturday [Saturn's Day] is the ultimate Divine Intervention celebration to the end-time of mammon, as predicted in Daniel 2, slated to happen in the far off distant future then.

When you come back from Black Rock City, you realize a society is not only possible without money, but infinitely better, though perhaps something that will be birthed in the very near future for the meek who inherit the new earth and don't have to work for a living, living just to work. Cannabis threatens the fallacy of scarcity by being universally beneficial and having weed characteristics rather than an orchid. Unitarian grown for utopian usefulness. Now...

“When an irresistible force such as you, meets an old immovable object like me, you can bet just as sure as you live, something's gotta give, something's gotta give, something's gotta give.” – Frank Sinatra

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