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CANNABIS STARS AT GAS LAMP [Part 2 of the SoCal Cannabis Expo]

BSC, CA – We left off in our last coverage with a question to a woman with green hair: “Are there magic mushrooms in that stroller?” The answer to that question right after the jump. For those just joining this BSC report, the gang of four on Saturday and five on Sunday were deep in San Diego for the city's first ever cannabis event, taking place in the intoxicating aroma of bullshit mixed with greenbacks and carrots. The coming Prop 64 seeks to chain cannabis to the bureaucrats of the state. We were in town to spread the word of this catastrophe to the unknowing innocents at this event.

Of course, even though cannabis and marijuana are the biggest parade in town right now, there are always those who are asking, “What parade?”

In the days of Noah, people like this didn't swim but they floated, back up to the top. We were at the Southern California Cannabis Conference Expo looking for swimmers. Here's a picture report of what we found at the event happening next to San Diego's Gas Lamp district.

The answer was "No mushrooms." And a big smile as the woman, The Green Life Granny, did have a story to share after she was helped by a vendor's product who had said to me, "You're cool. Here."

Granny then showed us pictures of her life 'before' in Kansas under prescription meds and 'after' with cannabis in Colorado.

As with cannabis magic [see Memoirs], this seemingly cowinkydink led to Debbie, the activist in last report's second to last photo, to share her similar harrowing tale.

"This was me a year ago," Debbie said to Granny, not knowing that this would set the scene for yesterday's BSC end-of-show cover shot. This act of kindness and experience-sharing brought us tee shirts.

Granny bought my second copy of Memoirs sold, on Sunday when I spotted her in the event hall and said 'Hi'. 

Whatever the intention behind this conference was, the people engaged were an older, more traditional demo than the young CA patients, labeled as the 'black market' by mainstream marketeers and NGOs.

All searching for one thing, a future with a future.

Amid technological awards instead of strain champions, 


And other sights to write home to mom about, if a first time visitor to Southern Cali.

As in the so-called black market, there was art. But here, one vendor, stuck in a far corner who recognized a kindred spirit.

Even pot nurses,

All from out-of-state because AUMA, like its sponsor Monsanto, plans to GMO* California's organic homegrown farm and seed culture while creating a McDonald's of Marijuana, instead of each state benefiting locally. Those wiley coyotes plan to do this by changing the image of the pot market demo while chaining the herb and plant through the fictitious slang name Marijuana, like in 1913 [California, 1937 USA]. Here at BSC we call it chainging the stereotype. 

As always, the vendors know when a 'true believer' is in the house.

Sometimes, even a random attendee.

Meanwhile, over in the speaker panel section,

The man in the cover shot, Roberto, had been handling the roving audience microphone.

Ed note: woman in picture is not Debbie from our party of activists.
However, on Sunday when activist Yucaipa Debbie refuted a professional doctor like the ones who had pumped meds into her life and system with her impassioned rebuttal to the doctor's anecdotal remarks, Roberto took notice even after hearing almost two days of other audience comments. A connection was made.

Later as we left the event via a free shuttle back to our parking spot provided by our Fearless Leader,

We left the van and walked back toward the Gas Lamp District, stopping at Morton's Steak House [very courteous and professional staff], leading to very nice in-depth, but way too short impromptu meeting and this picture.

Roberto, left and Debbie, right
Debbie wowed the audience, egged into speaking by fellow activist and teacher, Jeanette.

As for me, well though I had searched high, and low, it was my 420nurses lanyard that keyed them to me, since the SD Chapter there was working.

All's well that ends well.

Till next event, stay lifted and No on AUMA [Prop 64].

*- Geographically Modified Opportunity. GMOs are a patented Monsanto entity. Cover picture clues - M (marijuana), cannabis bag (event name), printed mic on bag (Roberto's two day event job and Debbie's audience remarks, the mic brought them in contact, and speaking the truth about cannabis was why we were there). 

Extra credit: the 'B' behind the 420Nurses indicates the market demo NGO's rank the little people, the meek of the Earth, in.

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