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BSC, CA – As with cannabis recognition, the necessity of knowing one's food and food ingredients becomes more imperative every day, what with the treasonous DARK Act signing. Though most of my reporting is more regional, that doesn't mean I don't Jack about my own hood. I know Jack and Mary Jane both.

That being said, Temecula has a place that offers a great selection of natural products, a knowledgeable staff, an on-site fresh mini-deli, and now both an education [free] and hands-on [fee] class sesh*. 

Long on my list of stories, it was time to bring my readers, the locals anyway, a followup story to one of those 'gems' in this mystic valley. Like Gladstone Gander, I seem to stumble across these hidden gems as if I worked for Coasters.

Located in the K-Mart end of the Palm Plaza center and just around the corner from the Temeku is the Artisan's Palate.

There was a fresh deli in the back,

And plenty of healthy stuff around on the walls,

But the most interesting thing I found, was the topic of this month's [every 2nd Tuesday/month] meeting:

'How to Best De-Tox in Today's Post DARK ACT - Mandatory Adult Vaccinations Laws [passed or pending] World, for You and Your Children'

Narrated by Coach Joe, CHC.

His class being podcast was officially titled, "Immunity Boosting - A 'No-Doctor' Solution Plan."

I looked around for an empty seat. (This is where the hero gleams into the camera with a slight smirk)

Then I took a seat at the table for the two-hour tour that runs from 4-6pm [doable through public trans, but not if you work a herd job]. As Ferris Bueller once said, "If you can, I highly recommend it."

As it turned out, my nose-for-news hunch was spot on. I was sitting next to Lisa Hunt, the powerootz person,

Where SUPERFOOD Brand products occupy an eye-catching reverse end-cap section,

Just left of The Loose Leaf Healthy Blood Pressure brand tea, my original recent visit reason.

The back story:
On March 10, 2013, Pia Maffei signed a lease after raising $5K on Kickstarter from 55 supporters for a specialty food store featuring products from local artisans providing a personal connection, shopper to artisan. She opened her doors during the week of June 10. This was the realization derived from a 'moment of clarity' as Pia, in a momentary discomfort of delayed trade show gear witnessed a Hurricane Sandy victim say, ‘I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, but I can bake a really great Rum Cake’.  Pia stood talking to this woman, who lost everything, except abundant optimism, and this chord struck Pia to change from a corporate career to her specialty food shop dream, the Artisan's Palate

(Inland Empire SBDC contributed to this report - Ed. *- no reference to 420 slang use; abv use here.)

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