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BSC, CA – What an amazing weekend!! I witnessed the battlefield decoration for a couple of front-line activists of the Red Cross-Green Cannabis Leaf get awarded after the smoke cleared [no pun intended]; got a line [mole] to inside the WH; saw some old faces from the pot battlefield, new faces that I recently met at other conferences; smoked weed on the busy corner at the heart of WeHo on a late Saturday night; watched history repeat as my 'third way' scenario happened [one I had never shared with our posse because it was more an anarchist fantasy], and had the Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green theory in my book validated, by none other than WEEDMAPS in a story. Holy Moly!!

After spending the evening in a pleasant fashion among genuine medical marijuana patients, homegrown vendors, and patient models in a warm, relaxed, entertaining, compassionate, and happy atmosphere on the MJG side of Life's mirror where truth and decency reign, Saturday in West Hollywood was a slice of real life. And as we see everyday in the news, real life happens to real people. History does repeat.

OK, we'll see and read how last Saturday ended [hugs all around; homo, hetro, and howdy], but the origin, at least from me, will sound slightly far-fetched which is why I am providing the link, not copying, pasting, or retelling. It's just too Space Cadet Pete. And it all began with a letter to commiserate Lead Mom, Zen Honeycutt, who I once told had a special place in this cannabis civil war by virtue of her unique name, Zen. Blast off and make the jump.

Plans were loosely made for this grassroots weekend, as that's how grassroots work. Monsanto is organized, DOW is organized, the government is organized, crime is organized, and religion is organized. Anything grassroots is not; it's more weedy. I dashed my letter off with a side note to the importance of winning this fight for cannabis [and all Mother Nature], but the core point was that cannabis doesn't come from the earth, like gold, diamonds, food, air, or oil.

Mystically, spiritually, and naturally, cannabis is alien, just like a meteorite. Except, this meteorite was hand-carried to the earth as a gift, a beneficial gift, and presented to man for his well-being, not his profit, which is an earth concept [Dan 2]. The letter left off with me saying that if we win this fight [similar to that about labeling GMOs and the DARK ACT signing [Thanks, Barry], it will be because we have outside, aka Divine help. I say this because there is no valor higher than a Mother's Love and Zen is a real Mama Bear. She [and others] took on Monsanto for her kids and stared them right in the eye. That's kickass.

In the space of time which she had to read my communique, this story appeared and I left to head Back To The Grind in a daze that wasn't cannabis related, in the usual way anyhow.

Flash to Saturday morning. My trip down to the WeHo site wasn't too bad considering I had only one bus to catch to get to my destination. When you are in LA and you have to go across town but only have one bus to catch, that's almost as good as taking the helicopter. I got to the conference long before my comrades-in-arms even hit the freeway up. I like coming in with the band, cough media. Besides, I was starting to get my second wind after my first 24, Jack Bauer style. This time it was more a bake 'n' wake. Eerily I saw this foreshadowing.

As I trudged off to a free [RSVP] education open conference to discuss medical marijuana in the town that first approved it for use with AIDS patients and other maladies. I was pumped, though I knew it wouldn't be like the previous 24hours in L.A. Still, there's always magic in the air, even the villains are cool.

You just can't forget about reality as you move through like a shadow, ever changing angle to capture the story.

This time as I headed to the conference site, the crop circle story just wouldn't leave my mind. 'Green' was all around because WeHo is progressive in a way different from areas like Silverlake, and you don't have an Echo Park vibe either [OLA days, I wasn't in camp all the time].

I flashed the crowd, as I am wont to do in announcing my presence,

And set to look about the place.

The crowd seemed tame enough. There was another chapter of Women Grow, an organization started here [from Canada] just two years ago with now over 50 charters [US cities].

The lobby of the Chamber started to fill up,

Outside people were touring,

And then this reporter stumbled in to my 11 o'clock.

After ten minutes I had heard enough. This wasn't a conference for education, it was a propaganda sesh. I left and went outside to get a breath of fresh air. I decided to grab some lunch at someplace local nearby rather than follow the WeHo funded 'conference' which said to bring your own lunch like we were stuck in the airport somewhere. But that's how these people are, all for themselves while they cut the locals out, then laugh down their sleeve as they tout 'your destiny is your own fault.' Horse hockey.

I ran into Richard Eastman, a stalwart addition to the No on Prop 64 cause when he came on board, as reported in this exclusive. We palavered and I related how my secret wish was for a 'scene' to happen to highlight the sly ruthlessness these people have. Plus I got a tip on where to eat lunch in his town. 

After an affordable lunch, we all met back up, as Letitia, and her old friend from Carson joined Richard.

Then Letitia heard about the 'inside job' condition to this cannabis education, especially on hearing who was speaking next. Suddenly things changed.

That led to a similar style incident like Lanny Swerdlow had with Paul "Cock Tracy" Chabot, Republican candidate. Armed with flyers, Letitia entered the 'How To Start and Run a Legal Cannabis Business' panel discussion at 2:45. After rebutting the feel-good, rosy comments put forth in the Establishment propaganda, CFE Co-Founder, Amanda Hyde, called in a 'trespassing-my life was threatened' line [surprised she didn't say 'shots fired'], and by 4:03 PM Letitia Pepper, true activist weed warrior, was being led away in chains, er, cuffs.


The above photographed actions caused a moment of reality to be witnessed by innocent vendors, NGOs personnel, and people of color advocates, leaving one to remark to me, "Oh, I just can't believe this is happening."

I turned and said, "Now you see the kind of people you are dealing with. They will say whatever they can to get you to buy into Prop 64. They are indicative of what happened to Bernie Sanders by the DNC."

Later that night after Letitia's release I stood on the corner amidst the WeHo revelry and smoked a passed joint as two front-line activists received the battlefield crest of valor under fire, the coveted Red Cross-Green Leaf, I heard this conversation:

"People say that I'm a 7000year old alien."

"Well, you don't look a day over '5'."

"5 thousand?"


[A big smile] 

Folks, this may seem like a bill to legalize pot and make everyone happy, but in reality cannabis is the way for each state in the union to remove the horse collar Washington, D.C. and every state government has hung on the working class. The oil economy is a dinosaur; George Soros and Monsanto know that cannabis is the future economic base for the world. It all started here in Cali and it will all end here. No on Prop 64. Protect your future and your family's future from the people who have mortgaged all in the 'too big to fail' ideology. Prop 64 is a trap, again. Send them packing like we did with Prop 19. Keep cannabis homegrown for every state to be free.

Sometimes, I do think, maybe I'm getting too old for this shit,

 Then I say, "Nawww."

This is a continuing story...

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