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BSC, CA – With the coming election looming closer, the forces for Prop 64, the DARK Act for cannabis are spreading their treasonous poppycock around to all who will listen. Being Establishment, the forces aligned with Hillary's Schedule 2 change and the state's agenda are organizing efforts to sway the general public by allowing open forum meetings.

The Pot Goonies have spread out over the state to counter the false promises from those who have sold out the patients the way Whole Foods and Just Label It reneged on the Label GMO grassroots families. With the Unsinkable Hillary becoming the Unstoppable Hillary, all matter of evil is out since the gates of hell are open. But the Pot Goonies have ramped up in the wake of the signing by Obama of the DARK Act and the Center for Food Safety readying to sue the unconstitutionality of the law. In the shadows looms the TPP, the remaining stake left for Obama to drive through the American Heart. Go Bo.

Letitia Pepper, activist lawyer and prescription meds survivor, who recently did an educational session for Monrovia will be standing up against Prop 64 at 6pm tomorrow on this cannabis High Tea podcast. Friday other Goonies will be headed to the big competition [?] happening at this week's FNS happening with the World's best recognized cannabis culture photo model patient group, the 420Nurses.

On Saturday morning, The Cannabis Education Forum (CEF) in sponsorship with the City of West Hollywood invites the public to a free educational event entitled “The Golden State of Cannabis” in the Council Chambers of West Hollywood, on current canna-issues.

Long before “medical marijuana” was a national term, cannabis was a major issue for West Hollywood patients who sought the medicinal benefits of the plant during the AIDS epidemic. The CEF honors West Hollywood’s rich history of supporting the cannabis movement and is proud to have the City of West Hollywood as a sponsor.

The free event will start sharply at 10:00 AM and continue throughout the day until 6:00 PM. The day's line up is:


10:00-10:15 Good morning with Cake Moss, event host
10:15-10:25 Speaker: TBD
10:25-10:30 Speaker: Lindsey Horvath, West Hollywood City Council Member
10:30-11:00 Coffee in the Court Networking Break
11:00-11:45 Speaker: Lynne Lyman, State Director of Drug Policy Alliance
11:45-12:00 Speaker: Yamileth Bolanos, Founder/President, GLACA: Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance

Cake says It's Time For a Break!

12:00-1:00 Lunch

Cake says Welcome Back!

1:00:-1:45 Panel: Cannabis Cures moderated by Tracy Ryan, CEO of CannaKids
1:45-2:00 Networking Break
2:00-2:30 Speaker: The Cali Connection, Seeds & Advanced Genetics
2:30-2:45 Networking Break
2:45-3:30 Panel: How To Have, Start and Run a Cannabis Business moderated by Jackie Subeck, Vice Chair of Women Grow Los Angeles.
3:30-4:00 Networking Break
4:00-4:45 Panel: People of Color and Cannabis moderated by Felicia Carbajal
4:45-5:00 Networking Break
5:00-5:20 Speaker: How Social Media Can Help Spread Your Message by Linsey Pecikonis
5:20-5:40 Speaker: How To Be an Effective Activist and Advocate  by Chelsea Lee Byers
5:40-6:00 Closing Remarks

WOTS says this is where the Pot Goonies will converge to educate people to the real issues with Prop 64 before cannabis gets beyond society control. Be here for Return of the WeHo Weed Warriors, coming soon.

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