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BSC, CA – I used to always get a feeling of anticipation and thrill when seeing the banner headlines of Stan Lee's Marvel Comics days say this: “This Issue Has It All!”

It was a statement that made every True Believer's eyes gaze like SpongeBob's, because it promised a story that was all-encompassing, starting slow, ending with a bang, providing a surprise, a guest star, aka cross-over, giving a background clue to an expanding scenario, and leaving you a cliff-hanger question. Your palms grew moist as you slowly went past the 4-color Jack Kirby action cover and settled on the quiet, unassuming ¾ splash page, another Jack Kirby awesome panel illustrating his imagery to show quiet beginnings.

The following two-part gonzo story has it all. We will go from 'A' for alien to female Xenophobia, stopping at the letters 'J' [jail] 'R' [rhubarb] 'S' [seven thousand] and 'C' for cannabis, covert, cash, conflict, competition, compassion, and con. Extra credit 'B' [Barack Obama]. Like those Lee-Kirby masterpieces of old, but in the tradition of Wicca and Eastern cultures, we start out with the letter 'Z', for Zen [Honeycutt, co-founder of Moms Across America] and the recent signing of the DARK Act, a grassroots fight in itself of four years. Jump.

Almost as I was leaving the office to hit the trail for this weekend's round of covering two stories happening on different fronts in the growing cannabis industry news, this trending news story hit vindicating my thesis to Zen, and validating a central 'secret' found only in Memoirs and parceled out in various reports as commentary: Cannabis isn't from the earth, and therefore falls outside the power of mammon [Mt 6:24, et.], the god of money, who currently rules. And if we are victorious, it will be because of Divine Intervention since we are being watched...”

More on this surprising and timely cosmic reveal in Part 2 – Mary Jane Green and Her Circle of Friends. Then it was off to the beginning of this weekend trip that now bears witness to my 47-hour marathon reminiscent of the Nixon Re-Election days in the Democrat trenches with NOW, NAACP, SNCC, and the League of Women Voters, with a guest visit to DAR. Although the idea of possible government contracts after the '72 election was a motive as was the daydream of being on the cover of Ebony, in my heart and fresh from the Louisville Civil Rights movement to desegregate the eating privileges along racial [skin color/culture differences], I was in stage 2 of the drawing below.

After leaving my fav Riverside layover [who just got their beer lic.], Back To The Grind, I took learning about the next youth craze before it leaves cult status as a good sign and one befitting my newly minted status as official graduate of Steven Strange School of Esoteric Education, signaling 'pass' on my mammon pass-fail final exam. I decided to pick up some Pocky Matcha Green Tea Cream Biscuit Sticks on the return trip.

Upon my arrival at the end of my day long journey across the mega-city state almost three times the population of Iowa at a portion of the land space area, this event, unlike the SD one last week or the one on Saturday in WeHo, was put on by medical marijuana patients for medical marijuana patients, devoid of useless fees, padded taxes, and someone else's pension on poor people's backs. This event was for your needs. As a journalist, I was there to gauge the market polling on Prop 64, aka AUMA

Though demonized as the so-called 'black market' [see Mort Walker's famous Beetle Bailey Sunday comic strip about derogatory 'black' terms in modern use pre-dog-whistle words era], LA's MMJ market demo are indicative of the make-up of today's meek; skillful at what they do, ingenious with cannabis, and adaptive to actual market forces, not manipulated tugs to drive all monies from them to the top. In the true California underground the optimum word is compassion, not cash because the extra ingredient causing money obesity, HFCS, heavy flow cash system, isn't present at the moment. If this were MTV, this is before they sent The Suits in with dump trucks full of money to make the original owners/visionaries wealthy [and famous].

This time I noticed something a little different. Instead of taking a picture of someone taking a picture of the subject matter I'm covering, suddenly things changed.

Meanwhile the load-in and set up continued...

The door was staffed.

Early guests began arriving. Before nightfall members, vendors, workers and talent all broke bread.

The bus came...

Our union reps were there too.

And there were delicious medicated party samples to try.

Inside CEO and 420Nurses leader Chacha VaVoom [scene name] tended to the last social media details,

As Summer got her final fashion prepping from Jimmy, the HQ [headquarters] main mano apart from his day job.

Looking around the office, I could see that the word about No on Prop 64 (AUMA) was circulating. As a mild-mannered reporter for BSC, it was my job to observe that progress in saving cannabis from marijuana (REEFER) madness. I didn't have to look far...

Meanwhile this week's FNS was in full swing indoors...

However, since the night's theme was a dab competition to be held a little later outside, people were getting ready. as Curtis Mayfield would say today.

Once again, it was Cali [in-state] vendors; our homegrown trees, and products. Oh, the products...

Outdoors and inside....

And old faces from past FNS events,

Then it was time the evening's competition outside.

Judges were positioned, staff and cameras at the ready...

And a winner chosen.

After which, most everyone wanted to see and taste the winner,

Meanwhile, I went to the short line for some goods.

Because I knew what I'd need for the next day,

Once I left the land of weedy and niceness,

To enter the land of whine and greedy, according to my Spidey sense.

Turned out I was correct-a-mundo. Be here as we continue in Mary Jane Green and Her Circle of Friends, coming soon!

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