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BSC, CA – This is probably the most important article I may ever write, because it deals with our current evil as it attempts to monopolize the plant cannabis the same way they made it illegal in 1913 [California, Chinatown, though it was then a barrio because the Mexicans hadn't shifted slightly south and east to their present East LA location]. This first arrest happened on September 11.

Today as the world falls apart racked by explosions and refugee waves set in motion by the war hawks of Washington, DC, regime change tactics to control the whole world, or bring about the so-called destruction foretold in the Qur'an and the Bible are the current marching orders. Spoken of from the days since the Full Value Review [pre-Temecula Calendar; BSC, CA], man and womankind are caught up in 3 wars lumped as WW3. These wars are 'Man against Man' [resources 1% v 99%], Man against Nature [Man-made Projects; environmental issues], and Man against God for total earth, population control, and no religion. No god, no moral compass. That is the goal; working too, evident from today's many headlines. [SMH]

Many say that the present world situation is the same as the world has been living in since Cain killed Abel, the difference being now, with the proposed subjugation of cannabis through a name change once again to 'marijuana', the final straw for the world's soul is up for grabs. However, because of Cosmic rules, evil can't just roll over people; the people, distilled down to voters, have to be tricked [by a Trojan horse legislative bill] to vote away their birthright.

Though cannabis monopolization was put before the voters in Ohio who wisely voted it down, California with its reported $6.7B pot market [estimated by those who don't use the product], has always been the prize starting in 1913. Back then, certain eugenics groups [privileged pre-NGOs] had come up with an ingenious plan against the World's Mightiest Herb. Derail use of the miracle herb for a century until Modern Science could come up with a lab duplicate, a man-made substitute that can be owned legally like aspirin from tree bark.

But as Shakespeare so aptly put it, “The best laid plans of mice and men...” Try as they did with the best minds they could harvest, the code to cannabis could not be cracked, would not be cracked. You see, Sports Fans, cannabis may grow out of the soil anywhere on the earth [barring the ice caps, above tree lines], but cannabis doesn't come from the Earth. It was brought here [legends, folklore, Qur'an, Bible] from up there.The companion two stakes legislated into the nation's heart, the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, were implanted to provide capital welfare for our 'elected' monarchy set up by the Masonic Temple, hence all the sacred geometry around D.C. [sacred here means esoteric, not righteous].

And now we are back to the crossroads with cannabis, taken there by the devil, George Soros [Mr. Monsanto]. After failing to get marijuana decriminalized or on the ballot as an initiative, due primarily to CIA infiltration into the cause and the natural 'carney quirkiness' of cannabis folk, it took $5M from Soros in 1996 to move Prop 215 from idea to voted-in People's Initiative for medical marijuana [mmj]. Right away the counties wanted each patient to pony over $100-250 for an annual 'pot license', a ridiculous amount to require from sick people who shouldn't be taxed for an illness at all. That in itself is an evil notion backed only by the love of money in a state with an $8B state surplus

Following are five of the multitude of reasons to Vote NO on Prop 64 [AUMA, 16-103] this November.

Reason No 1 – The Death of California's Direct Democracy. Although the flash of Prop 64 is 'marijuana legalization' for the masses, buried deep in language toward the last sections of the 62-65pg Prop 64 initiative legalese is Sacramento's end for citizen-written and driven initiatives like Prop 215, Prop 37, and also the key to re-opening past voter initiatives for current tinkering by the hoods in Sactown, the real mafia in the suits. This backdoor [what else] was discovered by Martin Victor [MMJ patient, activist] and Laurel Rosenhall [Press-Enterprise] separately.

Reason No 2 – 17 Brand New Fees and Taxes. Though the Prop 64 people say 'regulate like alcohol' that is misdirection because 'marijuana' is its separate bureaucracy and already exists. Working on investor money, a new Pot Czar for the Homeland is already being paid as well as the troopers raiding grows in Northern California and delivery services [like Speedweedremember those guys? They're back.] in Southern Cali, the ones trying for Weedmaps status. Both Prop 64 and MMRSA were authored with no input from any patient, vet, expert [like Richard Eastman], or poor person, because this is all about the money.[Section 34011, Sec 10. Amendment; Sec 11362.4; Sec 26035, subd. (a)]

Reason No 3 – Though LA has put forth some pitiful skim from marijuana fees to help the homeless in LA, that will be another 'Indian treaty' because all the money made in every city and county goes into a black box slush fund, except for a pittance for earmarked [crony] research at some college. Anyone around a real campus knows what that means. So no pot money stays local. The state will suck every local penny from pot sales, track every legal pot sale by chips, and use the UAW for distribution rights*, adding another expense for the corruption parodied so well by The Simpsons' Homer in various episodes. Through both Prop 64 and MMRSA, the homegrown industry worth $6.7B is opened to AZ, TX, CO, OR, WA, and every other state while freezing out all in-state citizens except the biggest, read privileged, Cali investors of the rich and famous, like the No-Show Ho Whoopie Gee.
[Section 34018; Section 11362.4]

Reason No 4 – Prop 64 re-criminalizes everyone 18-21 by making 21+ legal but authorizing MMRSA to purge the roles of all current medical marijuana patients by 2018 turning a right [Prop 215] into a privilege, plus restricting the requirements granting a recommendation dependent through a licensed doctor with no expertise about cannabis and four hours of medical school on nutrition. With $74K+ in medical fraud going out to each doctor in the country [on avg for $60B/yr, AARP], trusting in today's medical industry leaves as much a warm and fuzzy as does Hillary Clinton. Prop 64 does nothing to expunge past pot offenses and even makes it illegal for anyone with a blemished record to be part of the coming cannabis industry, pot offense or not.
[Section 11362.4, subd. (c); MMRSA]

Reason No 5 – It sets a dangerous precedent and dooms man to a final destination. Today we are at the apex of the Great Game, the Grand Design, the Death Star. Passage of Prop 64 and its tie-in to the unconstitutional MMRSA will allow corporate ownership of a natural plant by the act of giving that plant a name you made up that you own. By allowing this for one plant, which is also an herb, you set a precedent for Monsanto to own Nature by adopting the same precedent to any and all herbs/plants the company sees fit. Set into motion in 1996 by Soros, now with his chosen, Hillary Clinton about to seize the throne, Soros, the money manipulator is set to pull off something so grand, only someone with Rothschild blood could grasp it before the jaws spring shut forcing everyone to see the truth.
[Sections 26010 & 34013]


The current dollar is based on oil and has been since we left the precious metals [gold] standard. We have a fiat currency and sooner rather than later, that debt bubble is going to pop. News of this flooded the internet about a year ago, now it's the gathering of UFOs. While the news contains a number of headline items to grab your attention, the government has quietly been patenting 'cannabis' because cannabis is set to replace oil as the next currency-based commodity market.

Imagine everyone being Jed Clampett. Each person either has an oil well or oil just under his property top soil layer. A guy from the state comes along and says, “How'd you like to have a brand new car?” In a game shop MC voice.

“A new car..., all yours, no payments...that 'new car' smell. I just need you to sign over your well like your smart neighbor next door did, see his brand new car? You new car can be bigger and fancier than his. Just sign here and we'll make sure you can get all the gas you need to run your brand new car. You don't even have to sign, an 'X' will do, here, let me help you...”

Cannabis as a local resource in various product lines is the way for each state to rid itself of the burdensome Federal Government, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve, returning the state of the Union to before the scene on the back of the current $2 bill [and the proposed $1M note] took place. This would De-centralize the corruption and return power back to the states, cities, and counties.

Keep your rights and your children's future intact – No On Prop 64! Send a smoke signal to D.C.

The reward. I was undecided about whether to add this, but here goes. No On Prop 64 and Monsanto dies in five years. Monsanto neeeeeds this, and so do weeeee.

(*- The State of Marijuana, 2015, see BSC archives)

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