Tuesday, August 30, 2016



BSC, CA – When Columbus came to this hemisphere, he brought the European mindset of privilege. The natives who lived on the islands where he landed did not know the concept of ownership. To them, living on their island for their eternity, as the origins told them, was a right. That's why they were on their island, happy. Don't worry, Sports Fans, Columbus taught those natives what was up, as he and his men slaughtered about 750,000 people; a foreshadowing of things to come to the mainland. And they came in the Name of The Lord, the one on your penny. Remember that. God will.

Once news of the New World reached Europe, the rush was on. I remember sitting in grade school hearing how the natives [called Indians in those days] had traded [not sold] the Island of Manhattan to New World settlers for $24 in beads. At the time, I didn't realize that this was a way to show how naive and unaware the natives were to 'real world' items' true value, along with how crafty and smart the European was. A trip to DTLA by Union Station next Columbus Day will show you the real historical worth that resonates still from the descendants of those long ago natives who welcomed Columbus into their mist, much as Dylan Roof was in South Carolina that Wednesday not long ago.

Today, there is another New World lush and green. It is the world of cannabis and once again the European mindset of privilege is coming into conflict with a right, a right granted by the law through the People's action of Direct Democracy, Cali's Initiative system to convey the intentions of the Peoples, rather than the store bought agency-captured government of Big Money. The people here called 'pot goonies' believe it's better for the country to have 100 million millionaires rather than 100 zillionaires. Pot is power for the people, and it always has been.

Prop 215 recognizes the right of the populace to seek their own organic remedy through the use of cannabis, regardless of the malady, as an inhabitant of the planet. You have a God-given right to health and herbal cures, since they were here long before modern science and are provided by Nature, hence, available to everyone like air and water, beneficial for existence. A basic right like access to a public restroom [a right now being called into question because of today's GMOd kids].

MMRSA takes two rights granted by Prop 215, the right to access to search for illness relief, and the right to cultivate for your need without a pay-to-play Clinton Foundation feature. Both of these points have been taken to court and proved granted by the CUA [Compassionate Use Act, aka Prop 215]. Passage of Prop 64 replaces Prop 215 with MMRSA, therefore invalidating all Prop 64 language using the CUA as a benchmark standard. Classic double-talk legalese. Long story short, Prop 64 turns medical marijuana into a privilege instead of the guaranteed right voted in by Prop 215.

Something this complex wouldn't be germinated by a Sam H. Clauder or a Lt. Gov Newsom on their best day, but because we [the Pot Goonies] have top men working on this, here is the money trail showing the main players who will get paid, and not those on their knees who will get played. I love politics. This is so Nixonisque.

So who are the Pot Goonies? Well, like Gilligan's Island, there is a skipper.

And a professor,

A Mary Ann type who always has the bobby-pin fix when it's needed.

Our Ginger is also blond but a lot smarter with more depth thanks to her trial-by-Pharma-fire.

And the Pot Goonies have an aristocrat more tanned than Howe who's also more eccentric.

Like the crew of the Millennium Falcon, every one occupies a needed slot making the sum greater than the parts, individually. May the Force be with us. Vote NO on Prop 64

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