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BSC, CA – Welcome to BSC's coverage on the California cannabis conflict civil war, the Greenies vs the Meanies. Although our opening lead-in shot could grace the cover of any SD Reader issue for tourism, the two people pictured, who didn't know each other before the SoCal Cannabis Expo, weren't in town for the Gas Lamp District. They were in town on a mission like me. Their story wraps in Part 2 as we reveal the clues to their SD mission (hint: it's not as simple as it looks, MENSA fans).

This past weekend the City of San Diego hosted its first-ever cannabis event. Since it wasn't a medical marijuana event but only for those looking to cash in on the expanding Green Gold rush breaking out across the globe, praise was only token for the tourists. However, despite some legal states and others pending in both medical and recreational status, California remains the keystone for cannabis monopolization because without the place where it all started, So Cali in 1913, the plan to replace [US] oil petro-dollars with [NWO] canna-dollars will fail.

BSC will cover this developing multifaceted story until two weeks after the election, including fallout. Like the tourists in the GL District, the first SoCal Cannabis Expo attracted products from inside and outside the state. In Part 1 we look at the products which appeared at the event and their vendor reps.

This event was a production of Weedmaps. Their brand had a two-sided display.

Stanley Brothers, the company, was there on an end to cap the appeal of investor interest.

Security was a topic, as Wall Street moves closer to Cannabis Circle, a hither-to Cul-de-Sac,

But some brought a treat, like a Collector's one-of-a-kind Pokemon card,

Along with the details of protection.

Others were more basic in security; for home, car trunk, office, and clinic delivery.

Others, in anticipation of AUMA that opens CA opportunities to out-of-state interests, high-tech-ed it,

With an eye on California's cannabis future market;

Now opening, it would appear, through deception.

Though they came from far and wide to Sean Parker's cash cattle call, one could hardly argue their worth.

For the California readers and MMJrs who don't recognize any of these brand names, the reason is simple: the best way to destabilize California's homegrown market is to carpetbag the state, cuddle with those of questionable character, and throw a bone to the locals the way Hillary did Southern Comfortable Negroes who only know chicken, grits, dancing, 'yes'm', and Jesus.

However, wearing certain shirts these days is much akin to drawing a fish in the sand 2000 yrs ago. It was heartwarming to see reality's truth recognized with just a glance, sometimes a smile, because...

But like marijuana, Jesus is a name given to 'own' the power the real owner has, cannabis, Yeshua, respectively; because the real bottom line is compassion and being humane to your fellow son/daughter of Man. Bringing the truth and knowing Eph 6:12 allows the appreciation of all with true hearts.

Pure hearts out-of-state share the same desires as those in state, especially toward animals,

And plants, especially cannabis plants that can produce 'marijuana', both for big grows,

And small.

Mechanization again looks to replace the human element, a given in bringing cannabis to patients in the past.

Other modern marvels are a better mousetrap.

And like Mary Wells, we had our old standbys,

There was a secret sesh happening in plain sight for those in the know or with a nose for news.

Unlike the two day event also happening simultaneously up in the City of Angels, consumption of the show star wasn't allowed by Homey from Texas.

But charging for something that kills 100,000+ people a year was, showing the hypocrisy Hillary is a poster child for.

Being a seasoned journalist and a Burner (not a Berner), you know what question to ask when you see a woman with green hair pushing a baby cartridge.

"Are there magic mushrooms in that stroller, lady?"

Be here for Part 2 when we see the real stars of the show, reveal the clues hidden in our lead-in pic and talk of the truth I carry, as I search and find my hidden hempsters with the Hollywood connects.

Till then, stay lifted, be aware and endure. The cavalry is riding down for you who, cough, cough.

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