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Temecula, CA – For me it started with the Agent Orange catastrophe in the 70s. That was the beginning of learning about corporate evil. Life intervened and the next time Monsanto crossed my path was after my Invisible Children crusade at Occupy Los Angeles. His name was John and like the John of the Bible, he had a revelation for me – GMO foods are here; we must get them labeled for the good of the American people, especially children and babies. Baptized in his rhetoric, I was filled with a passion to finally read food labels. 

Now after almost five years of street protests, petition signings, seminars, potlucks, and beach events to spread the word, the Monsanto cancer and its head polyps, have sold out the American people to an agonizing future of inflammation, cancers, autism, and ignorance through the signing of Bill S 764, done this past Friday by our elected monarchy whose leader is currently Obama. With this signing, Obama can beat his chest and say, 'See, I gave you Moms a GMO labeling bill like I campaigned, but I never promised you a Rose Garden.' Mission Accomplished! Hillary, a Monsanto lawyer and Soros chum gets the offering of the parting gift.
  • The words "GMO" or "genetic engineering" will NOT be required to be anywhere on the package.
  • 95% of the current GMO ingredients are NOT included in Obama's "labeling" definition.
  • The "labeling" that will be "required" is an option of a QR code, a telephone number, website or symbol.
  • There will be no fines for not complying, so claims that this law is "mandatory" are simply false.
  • Vermont's state labeling GMO law which took effect July 1, 2016 is over-ruled by Federal jurisdiction. [Sorry, Bernie]
  • CT, ME and VA pending GMO labeling laws have now been preempted.

We only hope that legal organizations will challenge these injustices.

Obama's S 764 law is highly discriminatory as well. Many senior citizens, minorities, low income and rural [read, white] residents do not have access to wi-fi, Smart phones, or cell reception. They may even not be fully aware of this technology. We are deeply saddened, albeit not very surprised, that Obama signed this bill into law. However, even if GMOs were labeled clearly instead, many people would still buy them because they do not read the ingredients or know what GMOs are.

So what's next?

Our end goal was never just to label GMOs, so we really have not lost.
Our end goal is to widespread the distribution of organic food education, for access, affordability and for healthy communities to result.
Our end goal is for moms to be empowered in their communities and literally take America back, by getting involved in our city and national systems.

After some venting and regrouping, we see that our mission and actions continue on. Our mission is still to empower millions to educate themselves about GMOs and related toxins, to offer GMO free and organic solutions. Our motto is still "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids." - Zen (edited for flow - Ed)

Today, people are angry, depressed, and let down, like the Berners, but the simple fact is, Sports Fans, we silly mortals are fighting a god, an ideal come to life. It is the ideal of ownership realized through money. It is the ideal of mammon, or in today's terms, Mammon. It is this god we trust, go to get back his currency to, and who enslaves us by always being ahead of us, as a whole. Once you gleam that concept, you don't get angry because the anger never leaves once you learn the truth. You do get determined though. On Saturday, I got the [above] determined letter from Zen, on the road with her family spreading the word about how to stop municipal and community park spraying of glysophate based pesticides.

I, too, am determined but in a different fashion. After the loss of Prop 37, I remarked to several of the label GMO cause leaders that winning wasn't our goal, it was the fight because the universe was watching [and the activation of an idea, organic is better]. The logic behind this opinion was two-fold. We are fighting a god [only mentioned four times in the Bible] and that this wasn't the eye of the monster, only an arm of the kraken [painted in a mural at Occupy LA – it was awesome]. The reason for this is the same evil is behind ALL the modern plights [GMOs, MIC, hard drug flow both legal and illicit].

Now the food fight takes a tune-up and re-gearing because the DNC and Hillary Clinton are supporting the TPP, one of three 'free trade' agreements moving to ensnare and encompass the world's resources [that includes us, folks] for the Bill Gates and Koch Bros of the world. Hillary has already made an appointment of a CFR person into her cabinet. The wagon-circling by the Chinese and Russians [fierce non-GMO, non-Microwave cooking culture] indicates they have also seen the writing on the wall, and that on the Guidestones, as well.

But to those beyond the Geo-political plane who can see esoteric clues left behind with certain false flag connections to Washington-passed legislation, ie., Fast Track, advancing some causes like the last election process. The system is rigged for the Establishment to win because the system is based on commerce, trade, and money. “Money makes the world go round” is an accepted theme. The Church and all major religions and cults pretty much say we are all in deep shit until the Messiah, an ancient term and concept, returns to pull our chestnuts out of the fire. However, as part of Mammon's crew [requiring tithes], can we really trust the word we are given [research the reason for the Inquisition]?

This author says 'No' in the last chapter of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. An idle boast it may seem to be at first, until you stop to think about it. Even the Pope knows he is the last one, as he tumbled in a fall just the other day. The reason this claim is stated in Memoirs lies with the second chapter of Daniel [2 is my number and Daniel is the family name I come from, though I am the hidden Daniel].

The last empire, one of the feet of the Daniel 2 image, was captured by Mammon banksters in 1913. That was the year we got the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the year they changed the name of cannabis to marijuana, then passed a law to outlaw the plant based on racism, greed, and control. But the hidden motive actually was until the labs could figure out how to duplicate the plant. Now they have, our good friends at Monsanto, that is. It would seem, like with S 764, the passage of California's Prop 64, or AUMA, will end-run around the central cannabis core cause the same way.

But there is a difference with the cannabis cause. Unlike diamonds, oil, gold, grain, and even the Geo-engineered sky, cannabis doesn't come from the earth, not originally. The information given in Chapter 20 didn't come from a mind on earth [as in mine]. Last Friday as I boarded the 79 bus for the very first leg of my trip up to Los Angeles with two copies of Memoirs [for sale or barter; neither happened], we pulled away from the bus stop, went to the corner of Sky Canyon, turned to go up the hill and the bus died, a busted lower radiator hose.

A month ago, this would have caused me to stress. To miss an opportunity for a 420Nurses gig feels like getting to the station five minutes after the train left. It's not a feeling you want. As I sat there with the other 5 passengers who were also getting restless, all of us in a slowly warming tin can, a feeling like a slight breeze came over me with the inspiration, “Don't worry, relax, Divine Intervention will rule this day.” As you can see from this story, that's exactly what happened.

Against a god, you need an Immortal. Like cannabis, these folks don't come from the earth either. Why an Immortal would heed our cannabis cry is found in Memoirs. Though it weighs a pound, it only costs a gram.

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