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THE 'HOW COULD YOU' ELECTION OF 2016 - Religio-Political Analysis


Temecula, CA – Although the Presidential election is months away, already it isn't an election of issues but 'how could you's'. How could you vote for fill in the blank? As can be seen by the new masthead, long time readers will see that the current wave of 'how could yous' has rocked my comfort zone. Now like D'Jango, I'm off the chain. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The truth is, I don't know.

There are two things that I do know, however. The first is that a similar Presidential election featuring a fiery Presbyterian that also divided the country happened about a century and a half ago. The second is that I truly believe, come good or bad, Donald Trump is part of the Divine plan that is unfolding for us all to feel, and a few to see.

You see, Sports Fans, it isn't about the issues, per se, for me either. It's about eschatology, or at least my perception of it. For all the non-believers, the answer as to the other fiery Presbyterian President of 160+yrs ago, is Andrew Jackson. They have cleaned him up now in school but when I came through about three quarters of a century ago, he was presented as greatly anti-Establishment in his demeanor and his scorn of high society or people who put on airs; those who think they are better than you based on what you don't have. Believers, make the jump.

Eschatology, or the study of the Last Days [before our thousand year Mulligan, aka the reign of Jesus on earth] is a subject that interested my immediate churched family. Being more like Bart Simpson than Father Knows Best, I would have preferred to sleep in on Sundays but they, the fam, wouldn't have it. The turning point for me came when one Sunday's sermon was about Jesus' rebuke to his disciples when they had shooed some children away. His words of you can never see Heaven without the mind of a child [or words to that effect] spoke to me even though I didn't understand the intellect of meaning. For me it was you can grow up but ever grow old in your vision. When I later met Dr. Martin Luther King and he said to me, “You children are the future; your parents are already part of the system”; that somehow reinforced the Biblical text in my mind.

Artist conception

As I got older and witnessed things that believers see in the world, I asked the fam about what was to come. I wanted their insight since they had been around [at that time] a lot longer than me. Those days can be distilled into two drops; a thirst for more insight [eschatology] and a prediction that eerily seems closer on the mark every day.

To know anything concerning eschatology requires a more than decent knowledge about the Bible, the flow of narratives [styles overlaid on text], and the mind of a child, because like KISS, a kid will cut to the chase and see the heart of a matter, ie., Out of the mouths of babes.

I include my Bible references in my reports, column story points and op ed pieces because even though I live in a valley with a church on every corner, the majority of my close associates have left the church, been kicked to the curb, or are too turned off by the actions of today's Christians, from the hicks of Kentucky, and the actions of this 'christian' nation's leaders in general, to have any interest toward reading a Bible passage. Who can blame them?

Because of those issues, my contemporaries usually may lack the depth to make a current connection to the ancient book's prophecies because many have thrown out the baby and the bath water. When you see the two figures on the cover of Memoirs, the one in the white tee shirt represents the side of me that was raised to be Establishment; the one who got into the Bible, the one who drank the kool-aid and really believed.

Being schooled in Bible principles [3yrs Presbyterian church school] capping a church life that began in a small, interesting, forward-thinking gathering for coloreds started by Christians descended from Plymouth Rock [ISBN 0-8131-1674-0, pp 160, 210, 211]. That spirit for recognizing oppression flows from there right down to this Congregationalist. It is because of this, that I paint stories with a hue from the Bible. To make it easy for those who want to check out in their Bible or any Bible, the references made and decide for themselves on whether my point is valid.

A valid point established is a way to relieve the stress but stay abreast of today's mainstream news and situations, along with an understanding view that indeed Shakespeare was correct. All the world is a stage; so now I'm just going to slip off the stage to check my makeup. Stand-in!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a known evil. Evil is actually conformity and control. That is the Establishment who seeks to make the 99% cogs in their wheel, though they release propaganda to the opposite in the chestnuts we all grew up on.

Normally the two parties present a choice between two evils and we pick the lessor of the two. However, this election before the first public word was spoken about 2016 and the coming election, Clinton was the Establishment choice and the Choice was known to the people by smugness and arrogance that was hard for me to swallow.

As if Providence was affected, two 'anti-establishment' candidates rose to the occasion to ward off this final push by evil spoken of by Jack Herer [Memoirs, pp 268-9; yes, folks, he talked of more than hemp].

The candidate Bernie Sanders had the primaries stolen from him and his supporters evidenced by report after report from New York, NY to Riverside, CA of sanctioned shenanigans casting Hillary the victor. The latest thing to steamroller through from the President-apparent is Hillary's call to re-schedule pot from Sch 1 to Sch 2. This campaign promise was fulfilled just a few days ago by the DEA's decision to re-schedule marijuana even before the election. This shows just how far the present cancer has spread through what used to be a government, and is now out-of-control as an elected monarchy, untouchable by the courts, the laws, or the people. All hail Hillary's future schemes.

The national party also the opposition for at least a hundred years, produced a wide selection of choices this go-round; in fact quite possibly the largest ICP ever assembled from a single party. In this wide selection of qualified potential, again there was one anti-establishment candidate. The outcome on this side was different, as they planned to have one their own turn the campaign into a 'He said-She said' contest, turning this election into a 'Same one-Make history' scenario.

Instead this election cycle spins on persons, not issues, given the mainstream's bought manipulation of the public airwaves while ignoring the real truth that everyone can see – The Emperor Wears No Clothes!

Jesus once asked a group of Jews, what was the matter with them, as they were sent a pall bearer [John the Baptist] and bridegroom [Jesus], and the people were dissatisfied with both. This election cycle we have been sent two anti-establishment types including one who is Jewish as in the above compassion. The choice was allowed to happen because Divine Intervention rues the Day now. Though some may have other hopes. 

If any present day comparison can be made, it would be 'When J.R. Ewing met Angela Channing'.

Be sure and tune in November 9 for our next episode, “Who Shot J.R.?” [cough, hrc]

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