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BSC, CA – Sometimes to stay ahead of the majors on breaking political news, you need a little help. I made some calls and now here is Part 2 of the inside story on the woman who inspires many people. Also when you are digging for the dirt, you will hit mud. At BSC we don't do mud or bubble news.

Trending as you read this, is the ongoing firestorm coming from Hillary's 911 collapse [poetic justice?], her ditching the press posse at the event to speed back to her daughter's high rise in the city [NYC], and then reappearing about 90 minutes later, completely fit for duty, but several pounds slimmer as she frolicked with a in an obvious arranged child photo op, minus her entourage of SS [Secret Service]. ???

Questions have also arisen about her mysterious 'black' handler, an imposing figure who seems to wax gentle but definitely is large and in charge and seems to be carrying what some have said looks to be a flashlight. After the jump, we answer all the above questions without stepping in the mud [Chelsea; tongue and other lesion questions] because everyone deserves privacy in private matters. Becoming President is however, a public matter, so we speak to that.

You may wonder just who the woman is standing next to Hillary Clinton in this undated photo. Her name is Teresa Barnwell, a successful advertising exec who is now reportedly making thousands a month pretending to be Hillary Clinton. In makeup, Barnwell can look like a spitting image on Hillary until you do a side-by-side, which is why Hollywood does and Hitler did body doubles.

Even without makeup, Ms. Barnwell still strikes a good resemblance to Hillary.

But still it's The Don and his followers who get Hillary's [Romney's 47%] 'Deplorables' half-basket term. 47% is about half, huh, Hillary?

Here is Dr. Ted's original video and it is very thorough in explanation.

We take a look at an older vid to find out about her mysterious Black handler. After the vid we tell you who this big guy really is.

The large black man is a Neurologist. His name is Dr. Oladotun A. Okunoia. The apartment in New York that Hillary was taken to belongs to Chelsea Clinton, and houses also a medical clinic, now Hillary's private clinic. The clinic layout is below.

Details have emerged that the owner of the medical clinic, Thomas Savino, was also a major Clinton donor along with his relative, Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn). This is the notice at their website.

Wrapping up today's report is our final 2 short vids on what's crackin with Sistah Hillary. First the Judge.

Then a Brit who claims he broke the health story in his vid.

And a cartoon to close out.

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