Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guardians of Health Wellness Expo Saturday


While many of us MMJrs worry about Prop 64 passing and stripping us of our right by naming it a privilege, cannabis, not pot, is breaking new ground through events that are neither MMR [rec required] nor industry/NGO showcase conferences, like the upcoming State of Marijuana this year aboard the Queen Mary [$$$$].

Different than the nominal-fee or even free sneakeasys, cannabis, not pot, is moving into the areas where pot is superstitiously rejected. This type of dynamic illustrates the exclusive power of cannabis beyond just a 'drug' [medical or fun] which is why you can never treat cannabis like alcohol or tobacco, two single use detrimental social aspect products saddled with 'sin taxes'.

The latest example in the rolling tide of cannabis to Star Trek where no pot has gone officially, is the small but growing suburbia city of Murrieta, CA. In the valley that features five cities that are neighbors, four of the cities have banned any involvement with pot. Murrieta is one of the four. However, on Saturday, September 17, from 10AM-3PM, there will be the Guardians of Health Wellness Expo, at 29995 Technology Drive, that signals something new on the horizon.

“Knowledge is power,” says the glossy flyer. “When It comes to your health, this can't be more true. We have assembled for you, 5 amazing talks to give you the knowledge to be able to take command of your health & wellness so you can make it Optimal.”

The talk subjects are:

  • Intro to Holistic Health
  • IMagine your POSSIBLE
  • The Future of Health and Understanding how Cannabis can help Medically
  • Determine Your Risk for Disease and Cancer Without the Use of Radiation
  • Inflammation: The Villain We Forgot About [GMOs? - Ed]

Available also on site will be Methyl B12 shots; B Complex Shots; Wellness Vendors; BMI Testing; Yoga Demos; Jiu Jitsu Demos; Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Demos; Wellness Screenings; for more info, 951-319-7819.

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