Thursday, September 8, 2016



BSC, CA – As cannabis crops head toward harvest and trimming, L.A. starts its latest gathering of NGOs concerning cannabis. This conference starts off today and runs until Saturday. Like the Expo in SD, this one in LA promises another black infotainment personality carrot, Montel Williams, who was famously canned after he stood up for Mary Jane on his network show. For me though, my latest cannabis adventure was a hump evening two-fer; a meeting and a secret sneakeasy.

Also, this was to be another Pot Goonies episode but only featuring a partial crew. Still the night showed promise, and it was a Wednesday, hump day [and night, as I think back to my salad days]. One old song says, “Those were the days, my friend.” And they were, but another song, one by Talking Heads, sums up today's revolution about cannabis. “This ain't no disco, this ain't no party, this ain't no fooling around.” Yep, yep.

After seeing what the bigger cities of San Diego and Los Angeles have to offer in the way of cannabis events for the average person, a sesh in Riverside was on the list since our PG first stop was at the monthly meeting of Lanny Swerdlow and his group. These folks are the seasoned crowd of local activism, all Bernt Sanders [see the upcoming, Bernie Gets Tutored] supporters, and this month's meeting was the showcase of Libertarian Party hopeful, Gary Johnson, by his former running mate, Judge Grey, of LEAP [Law Enforcement Against Prohibition].

Once again this adventure started toward dusk,

Except here because of the hills, we have a long dusk.

Inside the THCF HQ, the area was decked out in pot potpourri,

The stage, as it were, was set. As the press, I sat up front.

Lanny started off a bit more rattled and frenzied than usual, explaining that the conflict over Prop 64, both pro and con, was taking its toll, but after all the wordplay here and there, Prop 64 "was poison."

Then Lanny read the credentials about Judge Grey, including that the judge had been Johnson's (VP) running mate in 2012, the same year I ran with Joe Walsh as my running mate. The judge cuts a dashing figure, like many California bureaucrats, in looking like a Men's Warehouse model.

Versus this Stanford bastion of Justice.

The judge made his case for the Libertarian candidate, stressing the need to be included in the coming debates.

Afterwards, the judge took questions, and I even asked a couple.

Though strategically placed,

Things went as well as could be expected for the Pot Goonies and soon the night's 420 'sneakeasy' was located.

The Pot Goonies decided to...

What was found in R-side [Riverside] last night was an amazing scene of vendors for flower, wax, free dabs, vape wares, and as always, pleasant, nice, people. However...

This sneakeasy was called Suds 'n' Buds for a reason.

All in all, a fun night for all, and no one went to jail.

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