Monday, September 12, 2016



BSC, CA – Putting up a story about Hillary Clinton wasn't what I had planned to write about today, but the news shapes the day, not I. Coming off a story where Clinton appeared in Cleveland at an all-black festival and parade to drum up votes as the majority of whites will not vote Hillary, Clinton was caught on camera spitting two green loogie chunks into her water as two broadcast newscasters comment about it. We will look at this after the jump.

Although anyone can be forgiven, especially a speaker on the trail a lot, to clearing their throat, however Hillary's faux pas occurs when she, not once but twice, takes a pull from the back wash, seen in the photo below.

This disturbance in the force was enough to throw open the doors to a still unfolding dilemma which could topple Clinton in her insane drive to be the first woman President in history. After the jump, we follow up with two videos done outside the states which show what's really happening to the Establishment's top candidate.

First, let's meet the guy who first said something about Hillary and health in the same sentence.

For the full story of the above journalist, see this link. Clinton was stomping for votes at this predominately black holiday festival in Cleveland just two days prior to 9/11.

And now the infamous 'gag a maggot' scene.

And then yesterday at the 9-11 event in New York City

Now this video has surfaced and Hillary is beginning to look like a political liability.

The world is noticing what happens now with Clinton and the Washington Post says 'No Weekend At Hillary's'.

And now the DNC get set to punt on Hillary. This new blow could very well push her over the edge.

Cough, what goes around...

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