Thursday, September 29, 2016



BSC, CA – With the tip-off to how Donald Trump got tag-teamed by Hillary and Holt starting to trend in the real news, the hand-off of our sovereignty to the NWO's United Nations [TPP, Obama's speech], and the laziness of government to always request taxes instead of doing the job they were either elected or appointed to do, all while getting the best insurance, all the secrecy, free postage, car and gas, on our dime. And now you want us to have 9 cents. Collectively we say, Enough is Enough. Not only isn't the emperor wearing clothes, he's showing us he works for them as well.

On a local level, the powers that be in all the burgs collectively, are running around like chickens because they are following Hemet's tax lead. Have you ever stopped to think just why Hemet was chosen to start this current wave of 'we need more taxes to be safer' horse hockey? It's the same reason it says on the application to be a cop, GED or High School, not high school or GED.

So now all the Burbs want to keep up with the, wait a minute. Temecula and Murrieta ARE the Jonezes. So the question is, why are the local cities going to let Sacramento steal a $1,000,000,000 a year and what is Temecula's share? Why isn't Temecula and the rest of the so-called Christian-based valley being proactive to an economy, a homegrown economy, that could free us all from these blood-sucking lawyers and the people their unconstitutional agencies have on our payroll?

The answer, as of two days ago doesn't matter, because time ran out for the rest of us, just as it did for the Jews, then the Muslims, and now for the rest. What was once just at Occupy is now foretold and has come to pass. The call to arms is sounded. After the jump, find out by who, or should I say what? 

The world today stands like a mirror. One group sees a certain image and another group sees a different picture. Even when this opposing image is made known, the overall perception percentage changes only slightly. The reasons for this range run the gamut in reality and metaphysics, but at the highest though most basic understanding, it is a different in viewpoints that can only be explained as a species bloodline distinction [word dif. #996, Strong's Cord.]. The series Living In A Mirror was about this concept, how part of the world, the Establishment, portrays the world to us and how we, the citizens of every country, see the real world around us. 

Occupy Los Angeles was a lot of things to a lot of people. If you wanted to learn about crowd dynamics, you could; about actual vs textbook democracy, you could; how to live with your fellow angry man and woman, you could; how many are actually ready to see society for what it is, you could. Again, there was one other truth revealed beside the common Kraken [god Mammon] enemy behind all the world's woes, and that was this. The Declaration of Freedom and Peace

This declaration was given to a select few to frame after this is all over. As I accepted mine, it was spoken,

"Either we will be all heroes, or we will be shot."

Two days ago, time ran out for us all.


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