Friday, September 23, 2016



- BSC, CA – On a picture perfect weather day in Temecula, CA, the Promenade Mall Luna Grill officially opened today. After yesterday's fine Mahi-Mahi plate, it was a pleasure to return to the scene of the dine.

Needless to say, it was as the old soul ballad title “What a difference a day makes” infers, [that nod goes out as a remember when to Virgil Gibson, from a label mate of his as I recall].

This time, arriving around noon, I brought a fellow traveler to the festivities who was peckish with me.

Things were already starting to pop, crackle, and snap as the Luna Grill's Wheel of Fortune meted out Grand Opening goodies.

The wheel was spun,

And the nice lady won herself a free lunch consisting of a free range chicken kabob.

But the day was just beginning. The Temecula Chamber of Commerce had their spot set apart,

And soon the crowd started to gather at the lively spinning wheel.

As food winners joined others already in line.

Inside and outside, people were enjoying the new grill and the no-GMO, free range entrees, and main courses.

Meanwhile there was more activity the closer it got to ribbon cutting time and the moments got recorded. People were happy campers coming from the wheel of Luna Grill fortune.

More people kept coming.

At one o'clock the ribbon cutting ceremony started with various Chamber members and Luna Grill company personnel.

We were joined by the sweetest neighbors.

Then it was time...

Then the photo ops.

And like Hans Solo, I had my moments.

But it's all in a day's work around this valley.  

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