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BSC, CA - “But I did what I did, before love came to town,” Goes the old B.B. King lyric. After covering cannabis industry shows, big city health expos, and grassroots protests, the lead-in picture for our Sunday Morning news report expresses the sentiment felt in this homegrown health hullabaloo by people looking outside the cancer industry box for answers, not treatment. With all the various events I've covered, getting a bottled water with Psalms 104:10 imprinted on the side meant this event had a different spin. Perfect, I thought, since I was there because of Psalms 104:14.

Arriving early minus the usual transportation tricks [trains, trolleys, trams, or tunnels] since this Expo was happening in my neck of the woods, literally, things were just getting underway as I walked over to my latest story [and cosmic connection]. Before the day was out, I would come across more interesting people than I'd have guessed, “Yeah Baby” but then in today's world all the lines are becoming blurred. What was once the domain of New Age has now drifted into the main (alt.) stream as much as cannabis isn't only marijuana anymore.

I was also covering this medical wellness expo event to guage the crowd on Prop 64 knowledge [and supply those thirsty for '#NoOn64' facts with some handy-dandy flyers done by the Skipper in the Pot Goonies]. You see I wrote a book once, dropped it publicly on Doomsday morn, that predicted this current state of affairs over cannabis. Then I had a Jerry Maguire moment, but more on that at the end of today's hometown health news. After the jump, we look at the products, services, people, and topics, and it's all after the jump. Now.

The corner sign told the story title, now let's look beyond the cover, shall we?

 The parking lot area was setting up...

And the building housed some of the health event hosts.

The products were sometimes the updating of certain technology not utilized today.

Sometimes the product was more in line with Eastern rather than Western health themes.

 Others were newfangled old truths.

 A variety of services was also offered.

 Some various and sundry items

 The hometown crowd turned out.

There was a Jiu Jitsu demonstration,

Some do-wop flashback from original Platter, Virgil Gibson, who's only a year older than myself,

And as always the people.

The Staff,

And the main interest, to me the headliner, Alana Sills, D.D., D.M. who is now living in Oregon.

The practitioner from North of town appreciated the weather as she delivered her topic on this holistic day, 'Is Cannabis Right For You?' to a rapt crowd of seasoned baby boomers. Hipping the crowd to the passive protocol of raw cannabis to make full use of the miraculous Terpenes, some of which can turn cancer around in as little as two weeks, and we're not talking a Money Pit two weeks either. 

Ms. Sills handouts were quickly gobbled up and a bevy of varied questions followed concerning the practical application of unsmoked cannabis in a different venue than the usual edible type known to MMJ patients found in Sneakeasys or a secret sesh. People even asked about their dogs because without attending a Cannabis Cup or some other major medical marijuana event, knowing who and where such goods are available might as well be alchemy. In my office files are at least two such mmj producers that have their products available in California. These local state producers will be locked out or tapped out by the passage of the so-called move to legalize pot, Prop 64, a charlatan Trojan Horse bill that really seeks to lock down hemp as well as all cannabis in the new monetary effort to replace oil in backing the dollar. Once again, locking out the 99% and all the Deplorables.

As the day moved closer to the end of the event, I reviewed having told a fellow Presbyterian of the recent DARK Act signing [which affects food] and the NEW Ten Commandments, at least new by around 40 years. Plus, the one copy of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green I had with me [signed, of course] connected a cosmic link in the chain. 

All in all, it was a very good day, the day when One Love came to town.

Stay lifted!

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  1. Thank you so much for being a part of our great event. Spreading the Love and sharing the knowledge.