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BSC, CA – After meeting Virgil Gibson, lead singer of the 50-60s music group, The Platters, at the Guardians of Health Wellness Expo, I decided to put together a music issue and round up all the various music news I know about at present. The cool thing about Virgil is that he lives in Murrieta. After missing out on seeing and greeting Etta James in Riverside, it feels great to have someone from my musical roots be so close, not that we'll play golf or anything.

If you like the lead-in picture, well, that's a shot I came across a while back. I wondered where or how I would use it, but I knew I would use it. As soon as I got the news that the Spoonbills were reuniting to play a couple of gigs around Davenport, IA, I said Ah-Ha! You see, it was Max's [Memoirs] brother-in-law in the Spoonbills band who became my lifelong friend and bro. He is their original drummer. In fact, I would put him up there with Dan Bahou [Strike Twelve] in drum-banging technique.

The Spoonbills provided my behind-the-music internship as the band's road manager during the glory days of MTV. I remember hearing Dire Straits' whole album two days after Money For Nothing hit MTV at the basement practice. In those days, folks would gather around any TV displaying the video, it was so entertaining. Today with the neon effects the vid looks a little dated, and of course the use of lyrics that aren't PC toward gays, probably added to the shade this rocker gets nowadays.

First mentioned in this Chapter 11 excerpt, I met the 'Bills when they had their original keyboard player, Ezra, and his standup piano. Though I always told people that the road mgr.'s job was to take care of the band's women and drugs, in reality it was about being a gofer and the extra set of hands any band needs. Hanging with the 'Bills was an education in music band you could never obtain in a college or anywhere, outside of hanging out with a professional band. Since they all had 'day jobs' and after I got to be in the entourage, the nickname of being a hobby band was put forth at the end of a night, gaining a deep chuckle. It stuck and like that, I was a 'sixth' member. Band Dynamics 101.

Over the years that followed conjunctive with my metaphysical romancing with Max and other miss-adventures of the Wolf Pack [one guy, 3 girls; you do the math], the band [and I] did bars, taverns, private parties, even an island gig in the middle of the Mississippi River a few summers running. During those years, the 'Bills always opened the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest starting in 1984, being part of the founders in the festival [see pg. 221, Memoirs].

About the time I ran this story, Woody, sent me a text and said the Spoonbills were practicing again. Alan, the bass, may be playing in another band and Woody was day-jobbing it after having retired for health reasons and to raise his family. Barry and Bill Van Atta play regularly in The Creepin Charlies.

The boys got back together and knocked the dust off before playing a house party in northern Scott County,

And the next week at a yard party in Davenport. The Creepin Charlies play the gig and the Spoonbills 'sit in'. You can sample the tuneful Americana music from The Creepin' Charlies at this link.

- 30 -

This weekend, starting on Thursday at the pub for a true Irish warmup, is the Valley's most fun music festival, Get Shamrocked, featuring local music hooligans Midnight Satellites in the mix as always. The two days showcase sides of Celtic music that bring the party to the party reminiscent of 'summer in the city' when Motown rocked the globe during my salad days.

Speaking of salad days, the latest from Club Cosplay is this release which features some faces from my Do You Wanna daze – Good Times, without Florida.

Look like fun? Want to go to Disneyland for free? Make the cut and mark November 13 on your calendar, and get plenty of sleep November 12. Here's the details.

Want to Run Around Disneyland w/ Us ?
Everyone w/ a Pass is Welcome !

Don't Have a Pass ? We May Have You Covered ! 
We have Partnered up with RunDisney for the
Avengers Half Marathon - Charity Run
All Marvel Cosplayers Selected to Support the Run will receive a
1x Park 1x DayPass Before the run, we will be Meeting Up at the Local Denny's for Breakfast then Heading to One of the Parks to Spend the Day
Running Around Acting Like Kids Again!
How It Works
1) Register w/ Us for Disney Day w/ Club Cosplay
    - Email - ( Full Name, Cosplay Info, Photo)
    - Vote for Which Park You want to Spend the Day Together In
      (California Adventure OR Disneyland)
2) We will Contact You Once Official RunDisney Registration is Open
    - Register w/ RunDisney as Volunteer Cosplayer
    - Submit Cosplay for Review (Family Friendly, Warm Cosplay Recommended)
    - Those of you selected, Will receive a Free 1x Park 1x Day Pass 
3) Cosplayers Who Don't Get Selected are Still Invited to Join Us at The Park
    for a Day of Fun. You will be Required to Provide Your Own Pass.
The Plan
A) 5AM - Cheer on Runners for 3hrs in Cosplay, Take Photo's w/ Fans           
     -  Cosplayers Selected to Support the Charity Run will Meet Up w/ Us 
      - Bring Warm Over Wear It Will be Cold at 1st!
B) 9AM - Meet for Breakfast at Local Denny's (Not Located Next to Park)
C) NOON - Meet Between the Entrances of Both Parks (Have Pass Ready)

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