Wednesday, September 21, 2016



.BSC, CA – Though I cover politics, I try not to be too confrontational in reporting on those I might not see eye-to-eye with, well, until they shoot themselves in the johnson. So you can understand how after covering Judge James P. Gray and listening to his glowing report on Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate who at first appeared to have a shot at being palatable to those unhappy with both Clinton and Trump, I didn't rush out an UPDATE to my original story about his gaffe.

Going in Johnson had slipped up in my opinion [and those in the cause realm] by being in favor of the TransPacific Partnership, the latest USA giveaway by Obama and the country-killing Republicans in Congress. The TPP was favored by Hillary as 'the Gold Standard' up until the time that Bernie Sanders gained a big bump from its opposition. Then Hillary changed faster than Superman in a phone booth. The Judge took my question about the TPP but seemed unaware of the treaty's nature or controversy.

Wanting to hang with the huge, 'Uge' to you Trumpsters, it was the day after the THCF meeting at Lanny's Riverside HQ that Johnson flubbed on the town name Aleppo when asked by a television political broadcaster. Johnson froze and shivered at the pool water question, with no snappy comeback like “You really have to try the iced latte here” from head-rolling PDLID Hillary Clinton. Then to make matters worse, he flubbed his 'no injuries' remark about the latest false-flag 'terrorist attack' to shift focus from Clinton's collapse in NYC on 911, a Divine happening for the world to see. Alas, Gary is not a big Johnson. He came. He choked. He died, as Hillary would put it.
The good news is with the Libertarian Party who had a discourse featuring Judge Gray touting the Prop 64 'legalize pot' state ballot initiative. Judge Gray and LEAP are for this bogus proposition. In opposition to his point of view was Pot Goonie skipper, Letitia, who after hearing the Judge Gray admit he hadn't even read the 62-65 pages of the Prop, then ate the Judge alive with pepper and salt. The LP then decided that the Prop 64 [AUMA] was indeed crony capitalism and voted in block to torpedo this U-boat at the polls in NOvember.

Since Jill Stein has voluntarily dropped from the candidate race, only one other slim hope remains it would seem at first glance, as the world in the know waits for Hillary to tap out. I don't mean old Joe 'Mr Mafia' Biden, who is just Biden his time, slick as snot either. 

As the only resemblance Gary has to our cartoon Big Johnson is a slight lookalike about the facial area, that leaves Sanders, who started off strong,

And even had some Divine help himself.

Then, in this rigged DNC process, Hillary tutored Bernie on politics, Whitewater style.

But hey, no one should feel too bad for old Bern, he got a summer place out of the New Deal.

You'd think he would be more excited over a new domicile, wouldn't you?

So, Bernie, have a great vacation after the election.

Cause even if the Hillster can't finish the race, you're bernt, toast

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