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BSC, CA – Many people either know or have heard that back in the day, Bill Clinton was 'the man in Mena' when it came to getting coke, or blow. Bill was having it flown in, so we are talking kilos, not sacs or grams. When you stand on the wall of the dam, it's pretty easy to fill your canteen as often as you like. It's the same way when you are the man. The reasons why coke is treasured the way it is, you can research for yourself or reflect back, if you're old enough.

While all drugs will have residual effects on a body over time, the type of drug, time of exposure or rapidity, and damage done will vary from drug to drug. Everyone knows that smoking nicotine in commercial grade cigarette brands will make you susceptible to cancer sooner or later. Alcohol will give you diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver; people know that too. But most people don't know what happens to coke whores. That sad result is holes burnt into your sinus cavity, and Parkinson's. You can get Parkinson's from other causes, of course, but using coke, a lot of coke over a good period of time does damage, so even when you quit, the damage is done. Sorry Hillary, not my words, it's just what coke does. Don't believe me, ask Richard Pryor at your next séance, Hillary.

Parkinson's is a degenerative disease, meaning it doesn't hit you like a stroke or heart attack, it happens slowly and you go downhill. The people around see it happening as well, so what was or is the plan since Barry and the boys all know she was a wounded war-hawk. After the jump we hear from a doctor who has identified Hillary's Parkinson's from his observations, since he isn't her doctor officially. We also look at why Biden, Obama, and others all plan on sticking around after the election. It ain't cause the kids are in school. Ask any kid who has been moved by his parents while still in school. Rubbish.

While people in the news are still debating the pneumonia tale, by next weekend everybody in the world will know Hillary has Parkinson's. Like Bill Cosby, brought down when it was least expected, when the person was sitting pretty as most would say and still reaching for that brass ring while still dragging baggage behind them like a dress train. Divine Intervention has karmic shoes as big as Sideshow Bob's and we all know how that wound up.

Let's ask ourselves, who knew of Hillary's malaise? Well, first of all, this could explain why the Bilderburgs sidelined the Hillster back in 2007 and shoehorned Obama in. I'm sure there are no secrets to the Bilderburgs, so Hillary's druggie days and possible latter-day side effects had to be known. As a medical liability perfect for plausible deniability due to that reality, Hillary was the person to black bag any and all regime changes. Remember, with state governments, you deliver a new way to gather funds from the citizens and you advance. At the National level, you deliver the gold from a foreign nation and you advance. As her payout, Hillary got to do her own money laundry and work it with the State Dept, our official National Corp Shills. Thanks Wikileaks, for showing what the State Dept really does with our tax money.

Kaine, no doubt, is in on the joke and their man Flint, after President Clinton becomes incapacitated and unable to lead. But hey she made it into the history books, and if she can last longer than 30 days, she won't hold the record for the shortest time in office. Aside from looking like a rube Amway salesperson, WOTS has it that Kaine is as flexible as a 2x4 soaked in motor oil since '08. They say he will fold faster than Superman on laundry day on things like the TPP and unlimited flacking, like Gov. Brown did before the massive methane gas plume. Hey, but no one in any government role is accountable, so what the hay?

Ol' white Joe [Biden] seems to just be biding his time, as you see him on giving an unsteady Hillary, the tour of his ancestral neighborhood and family home. As the Dems circle the wagons outwardly nonchalant, inside they are Jones-in and Biden sits on a branch like a Vulture waiting to seize a dead carcass for picking. Does Joe know the score? Of course. These people all know each other and it's a closed clique.

And what about Obama? Could he be laying back in the cut, to be available to step in and continue if Hillary Parkies out in public to Kaine as tech advisor? Will the recently extended Marshall Law, enacted after 9-11 almost 16 years ago, enable Barry to just reaffirm his presidential position in a bloodless US coup?

Already this morning the news has pulled all mention of her, Hillary's collapse, and are fanning the old walking pneumonia alibi around like a fart in an elevator.

So now it's more 'pile on Trump' by the Establishment media but the people, real people in the country, are still turning out in numbers 10X the amount to Clinton supporters and no amount of trick photography at rallies or seat fillers [$50 each, black?, 700] will change that fact. Donald Trump may scare a lot of people, and perhaps those people need to be scared because the country has come off the rails. There is no denying that fact. If nothing changes, the words to the old Curtis Mayfield song, 'If There's a Hell Below' will come true.

Meanwhile, millions across the country and around the world wait to see Hillary drop, because this whole episode has been one lie after another – dehydrated, pneumonia, Parkinson's.

Now we all play the waiting game, tick, tock, tick, tock. Waiting and watching...

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