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BSC, CA – In the days of alcohol prohibition things weren't much different then as now in the cannabis conflict, except it was the Feds shooting people [gangsters] instead of beat cops, as today. Also the use of machine guns was more common. In those days many a neighborhood had their own private watering hole that served illegal alcohol. A place like this was called a speakeasy.

These 'unlicensed, unregulated' venues had plenty of 'hooch' [booze], entertainment, and a lively gathering of people who congregated in the name of good times, friendship, and freedom from bureaucratic feed red tape or judgment. Today, there are again unlicensed private gatherings featuring entertainment [movies, theme nights, art walks, etc.], but since there is no alcohol served, these can't be called 'speakeasys'. A hideaway where you can tote openly, experience a farmers market* for product, and dab away to the wonder of onlookers, I call a sneakeasy, a term to name this prohibition style underground happening. Sneakeasys are organically springing up like weeds [pun intended].

Originally the best place to score Primo weed, wax, or try a new product, was to attend a major event, like High Times' Cannabis Cup, the Kush Expo, or some other multi-sponsored, multi-vendor mega-event requiring a ticket [$35-$50 avg. entry], parking [$20], staff ID hassles, and all the other accoutrements associated with fairs and festivals. Although the plan is to attend one of these in Riverside one day next week, this report is the latest from the hive I bee going to on Friday nights, the 420Nurses FNS. This time I rolled up with Captain Tuesday [newbie] and Sean [Mr. SnapChat].

Turned out, the theme of the night was a flower competition. Flower power in the old school way.

Arriving fashionably late², the FNS [Friday Night Sesh] was in full swing.

Vendors were vending,

And you could spot a 420Nurse photo art model, if you tried hard.

  Some old friends were back, too.

Last week concentrate 1st place winner, SLUMP WAX, also a skate board company

Who again brought great tasting cookie treats and yummy sample packs.

And the price* was right, Bob.

The night's flower competition yielded the winner of 1st and 2nd place to be Medz4less. 

Both are tasty, ahem. Captain Tuesday enjoyed himself but Sean experienced tech difficulties. As you read this story tonight, there is a 'skate sesh' happening just for the skateboard local market, an original demo for cannabis activism against the establishment order to use fossil fuel or pedal power as the only means of city transportation.

Back to the future, vote No on Prop 64 in NOvember.

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