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BSC, CA – I was going to make this a single double issue story for Sunday, but after going through all the pictures and reconstructing the day in my mind, I realize only two separate stories would do both justice. It was a Saturday double-header for me though, starting with a community garage sale. All over the hood I live in, it's your day to sit your stuff out if you have things to sell. Every block has one, or two going on.

Moving past that part of the morning, I set out to arrive early for a chat with Dr. Alana Sills, the person I nicknamed the cannabis whisperer. Turns out my Lois Lane sense was again right on the money. However, to really tell you the meat of this first half of my Saturday, I have to sort of paint a picture rather than give you sound bites.

When I say this is a magical valley, or that there is a church on every corner instead of a bar, it really isn't one way or the other, but both. Back in the day [Full Value Review daze], the WOTS then about this area was Murrieta is a nexus point, a singularly spot where several plains of conscience reality meet. While you may be able to go anywhere and find people who believe Saudis pulled off 911, you will also find people who believe it was an inside job. At a nexus point you find people who have moved past that argument. They don't grumble or debate this past issue. For reasons of their own, they have, in Bible terms, become part of the 'falling away', actually 'great falling away'.

The Bible confuses and confounds many who read it, but it helps everyone regardless, and all they need is to believe. That reality you can put down to 'the power of religion' for every religion has power less it lose believers. The trick of the day is that cannabis does the same thing. When you add the lack of research, and empirical data that could have been done; the lack of historical data that could have been added to, rather than taken away from, cough Hanukkah, and the recent [1994] discovery of cannabanoids, the future's so bright, you have to wear designer HRC shades at night.

This falling away is what's being now trended 'the great awakening', a term heard more and more. The person most responsible for any historical medical data about cannabis still being available is Jack Herer. This is from the foreword of the last book Jack was working on (circa 2010).

“...the book of Revelation is a story of the transformation of the world... driven to the brink of destruction before there is a great leap of understanding that frees the world... Plants are the true source of healing and this is made clear.” - page 264-5. Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green

For anyone who didn't watch the web series 'The Truth About Cancer' when it was presented here or on HBO exposing the cancer industry, the aforementioned awakening is the occult prediction in the Bible concerning the last days because the word 'occult' means hidden. For over a hundred years, evil has been hiding things from us that were accepted for thousands of years, rather than building from the past with modern technology toward medical advancement for the betterment of humankind. This path was diverted for the love of money, the motivational modern spin by the Establishment. Suddenly this latest Wikileaks drop on Emailary's doorstep is bigger than Chelsea's $10M apartment clinic or the teleprompter Holtified podium. Who knew this is the one true campaign promise Hillary can make.

But I digress.

This hidden health knowledge is holistic or homeopathic medicine which is based on Eastern philosophy; that being the patient is responsible for their own health, the guide delivers the technic or knowledge and you judge what you need. The Western thought is based on the farm-raised model, and mono-cropping, a Monsanto core belief. The doctor or government agency is responsible for your health. Chemicals, surgery, and radiation are the backbone and money maker for idiopathic medicine. What doesn't kill ya can only make them richer. Actually the linguistics of the base category words should give anyone a clue to the real 411. Sadly though, we have all been dumbed down by modern culture and modern science. The awakening for this long sleep is happening for many as they look up in the skies these days. They are the ones watching the parade.

Saturday afternoon I caught up with someone joining the parade, for the parade marches toward homeopathic remedies, not Big Pharma. As we watch those around us fall victim to vaccinations, chemo, or experience soul-depleting surgery, we know deep down this isn't the way God meant for the world to be. If you live in a nexus point, you are blessed because you can listen to live testimony from those helped by therapies outside of today's medicare system. The spear-point of this parade is cannabis, where currently a civil war between those trying to wrest control of the popular use image for their own nests through weeding out medical marijuana patients, a vastly youthful demographic. That war is political and far removed from this SRO* room meeting that was dealing with the second and more important part of cannabis: R&D and practical application.

The three practitioners were, Coach Joe, the host, Debbie Garcia, who gave a brief but personal back story about scalar energy bringing relief from the side effects of today's 'smart' electrical house meters, and main speaker, Dr. Alana Sills, who will be in the area for about a week. I've scheduled time later in the week for a more in-depth chat because Dr. Sills isn't a medical doctor, she's a PhD. Hint: When Dr. Strange sends out invites for New Years Eve, Alana Sills' name is on the list. So yeah.

Also present at this meeting was the main motivation behind Dr. Sills work as a cannabis researcher, a young man named Nic, who has MTM. These are the initials for a rare genetic, long-named, crippling disease Nick has. His wheelchair looks fun though. Wheelie much with those big dual-lies?

Debbie Garcia, right

A CBD formula developed through Dr. Sills research has yielded positive results in the functions that Nick has, because aside from the physical deformity and mental anguish, you have a person in distress as pain and reflexes go. Barring the return of Yeshua [Jesus] this person will never be whole, but that doesn't mean this person should suffer, because God doesn't make junk. They were chosen to occupy this space and time for a reason. Rare disease studies and cannabis [CBD] formulations have become a quest for the good doctor and a reason why Dr. Sills sees cannabis as a signature plant that isn't marijuana.

On the more commercial side of things, Dr. Sills developed a formulation [CBD] that Whole Foods offered to underwrite once. This is a salve and it was passed around at the meeting. I applied some to each forearm in the same area. Even this morning the area is noticeably less dry and more soft in the surface texture of the skin. Today Alana works as a product developer for CBD-based pet [dog and cat] medicinal products, all of which are based on passive protocol, or uncooked/treated with water, raw cannabis. The type of cannabis Dr. Sills uses for her research is specially grown and falls under the definition of hemp by having a low % of THC to CBDs.

Par for the course, though it wasn't ambush journalism, I did have a question to ask that was raised from this story.


If and when you decide to stop believing the hype, the same-o, same-o, turn off the tube which is filled with Big Pharma ads chock full of side effects, stop and look around you, like that scene in They Live, you will see that you are blessed to now see the truth. You are doubly blessed if you live in or around a nexus point. Join the parade, or get a closer look. See, went the whole article without saying #NoOn64, oopsie.

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Dr. Alana Sills         NA                         Quantum Code Healing              as available, see above

Note: It was requested that Dr. Sills do a formulation for horses. This she duly noted so stay in touch with Coach Joe or keep this site book-marked for your daily scan. The issue of why Roots sells CBD for $100 while Artisan's Palette retails theirs for $20 was addressed though Dr. Sills couldn't critique either product offered, not having any samples on-hand. Much like Dr. Noel's opinion on Hillary Clinton's Parkinson's, Dr. Sills could offer an educated guess however. A look at why Dr. Sills is doing research to help others, rather than riding in the Whole Foods gravy boat should give you a clue.

If you don't get the clue, here's a hint. Eph 6:12

Hint number 2, find the dollar sign.

It was also stressed by the doctor that for maximum cell reverberation, dietary changes must also be made, like losing your Big Mac Attackitis and going vegan. Lacking that, I suggest read the ingredients and see the origin of manufacture for everything you eat. This is even more important given Obama's signing of the DARK ACT recently. And trust The Force.

(* - Standing Room Only, a rock'n'roll term for no seats left; all emphasis, Ed)

End of Part 1

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