Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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BSC,CA – Many people are saddened by this coming election, disgusted by the choice of candidates. Those folks fail to see the BIG picture, the picture this matrix portends to. This election is at the very core of this Nation in its basic premise. That premise is the power of choice.

For those who don't believe in anything supernatural or spiritual, perhaps some logic for them will develop as I write this post. That part is yet to be seen. For the rest of us, this coming election is a freedom of choice because the devil has been loosed to deceive. This is his time to shine. While I can't speak for other faith books with authority outside the KJV, this time of great deception is stated for the world, cannabis [#NoOn64] on the ballot to be renamed and government-chipped is that keystone. America and what it stands for, individual Freedom, is also up for grabs. Because we have to vote or allow the Evil One to rape and pillage us, we operate under the ground rules of Job, opening chapter.

With this election, we are faced with the machine of the status quo, otherwise called The Establishment. The Establishment was always taken to be the government. This is the case in any organized group of people. In America, it is a sympathetic human lock-down because all the tribes of Man exist here like at the Tower of Babel. The difference here is the freedom of choice, the freedom to decide our free-will choice; the choice to believe what we are being shown and told on the Establishment media vs what we know to be true on the net that matches what we see as reality, in defiance to Establishment propaganda.

Now the Establishment is planning a war with Russia and China presently. Why, you might ask? Well, Sports Fans, think about it.

China – China owns us, has a lot of people to spare, and could be made to relinquish its hold over American manufacturing in a [open] war economy.

Russia – Long rivalry between national governments who mimic each other, usually with the US leading the pissing contest that's current. But the Kremlin doesn't buy into the Big Ag-Big Pharma Monsanto plan, they actually care about their people now that the Cold War is over [sort of]. Now both Russia and China have big moon and Mars exploration ambitions and NASA isn't down to share the space disclosure info.

it is the same belief system in use for our medical industry. We are asked to believe that certain chemicals, which interfere with other chemicals in our body [side effects] are better than non-obtrusive remedies based on vibrations [something we know exist] vs lab results on rats by people who bring us this based off their education which is paid for by those with the most to gain. Now we are all starting to see 'The Emperor wears no clothes, and neither does the Establishment. Under scrutiny of the thousands of emails leaked [hacked by the NSA, woohoo, leaked by the shot-dead DNC person [RIP], we see the people at the top of the pile are more than crooked, more than dastardly, in fact, unstoppable.

As you watch this unfold, from 2,000,000 'lost ballots' in Riverside County to the DNC strap-on of Bernie Sanders [forget about the dead people], from the FBI smoozing to the Clinton Foundation State Department missing $6,000,000,000, you can understand that the hired help want to get paid [FBI co-director's wife got $675,000, wots]. The fix is in. and now the part I was searching for, with a title that seems familiar for some reason.

And here's how they do it.

But don't lose hope, because as I said to Zen Honeycutt, valiant as she is, that if we win in 2 weeks or less, it isn't because of the Pot Goonies [collectively or individually] or that we're better organized. We are up against the same money monsanto monster the Moms still fight, cough Toxic Tour. I put the word in print to her; “if we win against Prop 64 in November, it will be because we had Divine [Intervention] help.”

Now some of you may be saying, “Well, that's mighty white of you, Mr. Pete.” But wait, it wasn't just to Zen that I expressed this axiom to. This is a rabbit hole theory that puts cannabis past ancient alien technology on a scale we perceive as magic, and the reason why is unveiled in Chapter 20.

Or as another P.T. might have said through a megaphone, “All these things will be revealed, all for the price of admission!” [Amazon* with free autograph signing on demand]

(*- With book in hand in meeting with the author in person. - Ed)

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