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BSC, CA – Today the push for more individual money is on because people are seduced by the stuff of the world, no matter where they live or who they are. Many of these people are hard-working, like the Mexicans who do work no one else, white or black, wants to do. Many immigrants come to America and make a better life for their kids, often dying in a foreign land thousands of miles from a home country grave.

If you are traditional and black, you are probably aligned with Missa Hillary and her gravy boat, because when you look at the Clintons, the only people close to them are either people they use, or people they trust. Being white and Southern, the Clintons know how to treat coloreds from the South, and what to demand of them. The Clintons have no one white close to them as helpers because they know white people, and white people know them.

So here you are today. You have no vaccinated kid to hang a yearly golf tournament on, you are not the 25year old go-getter that you once were, and the market that you depend for a living on is flat, with little churn. Since it's your market, you look around. The area is like most, highly segregated by racial or ethnic confines. As they still say in the South, 11o'clock Sunday Morning is the least racially integrated time of the week. The question is, how can you turn this minus into a plus for you?

Answer: you create yourself a job and have those people pay you for it. Why? Because either you are the smartest person in the room, or the only person. If it's Hemet, CA, the answer could be BOTH.

Proponents for Measure U, a local 'one cent' sales tax revenue measure that will provide up to $10 million per year to improve much needed public safety and vital city services, are working together to pass the measure, claimed Howard Rosenthal, a community activist and Realtor Wednesday morning, Sept. 21, at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort in a meeting attended by about 20 people.

Rosenthal was the only speaker at the meeting, calling for those attending to put out Measure U signs, call as many people as they can and knock on neighbor’s doors to let them know they “have to make a change and pass Measure U,” or face even higher crime rates in the city. “Investors and developers are not liking what they see here… I am not a tax person but I was for Measure E**.”

How this scam works. First you need scared white folks who respond to dog whistle politics. Let's have a meeting at a mobile home park aka trailer park boys and girls. This type of scene is funny in Blazing Saddles, but Blazing Saddles wasn't a fantasy movie like Barbarella. People are really like that. I lived in a mobile home park with my 'green-eyed psychic' [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. I finally countered their ignorance one day by answering the door for the paperboy in the buff*.

The next thing is to present the idea to the City Fathers for approval. To get that approval, you have to fill the coffers for them, with them getting the Lion's Share. Here's how that works. You start with vague wording, part of the now-infamous Clinton Defense tactic.

'Measure U would provide money to hire more police officers, firefighters and other public safety personnel.'

Then you break out the details.

The proposed Measure U funding would add 16 police officers, two sergeants and one lieutenant in the first year. They would add six police officers and four investigators in the second year and 10 more police officers in the next two years, 32 or 61% of the current total. In the next five years 2021 to 2016 the department would continue to increase crime prevention and suppression activities throughout the city.

Measure U funds and propose adding three battalion chiefs, three engineers and three firefighters in the first year. In year two they would add six fire captains, six public safety dispatchers and a median and intelligence analyst in the second year. In years three and four they would add a fire inspector. The 3 chiefs would be promotions from within but most of the rest would be new hires from outside Hemet, which doesn't do much for Hemet citizens, per se.

“It is an ambitious plan but necessary” according to the Measure U proponent, Rosenthal, the dog-whistler. [You tweak it so it will work regardless of the law.]

Measure U is considered a general tax which needs only a simple majority of the city voters to pass, but the cities or counties are not allowed to earmark the funds for particular uses. That is why to the city council passed a resolution at Rosenthal's urging [see Valley News archives] to have all future councils not to use the Measure U money for any other purpose other than public safety. Rosenthal suggested that to further insure the city keeps to its purpose for improving public safety in using the funds only for the city’s fire and police agencies. [You make your salaried position guaranteed.]

We are going to form a coalition,” Rosenthal said, that will be responsible to make sure the city council and future city councils put the Measure U money where it belongs. He said the coalition needs to find “10 more people,” for the watchdog committee of 11. Similar tax and committee plans are set for Temecula, Menifee, and Riverside, having been started by Rosenthal or Rosenthal wannabees.

You see, Sports Fans, every boss needs a someone to boss to make his job a job. Bosses don't work, they boss with their ego. Everyone who has a government agency, aka watchdog committee job gets paid, but unlike you or your kids, Measure U requires the creation of a “Citizens’ Oversight Committee” to furnish independent advisory review of the expenditure of the tax revenues. The Committee will meet at least twice per year and will review the required expenditure plan before it is adopted by the City Council. Measure U also requires an independent audit of the use of the tax proceeds to be conducted annually. The Committee will also review the required independent annual audit prior to its final review by the City Council. Four members of the Committee are selected by the Hemet Police Chief, four members are selected by the Hemet Fire Chief, and three members are selected by the Hemet City Council. Rosenthal will handle the auditor selection. That's how it works.

Rosenthal has his office in the Bank of Hemet Building suite 110 at 1600 E. Florida Ave. in Hemet, and may be reached by calling 951-658-2559. Get a job for life in this newly created board that sits above the legally appointed rule-making City Council, or until Daniel 2, see Memoirs and KJV Bible. Remember, like capitalism's 'buyer beware' adage, you get the government you fall for.

(*- incident not in Memoirs. **- Earlier Rosenthal job creation effort, Measure E, defeated at polls.)

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  1. Hemet needs all the more police it can possibly get. This article is just downright silly and reeks of conspiracy theory Trump BS.