Wednesday, October 5, 2016



BSC, CA – Happy Hump Day. As I write up this report, there is a lot going on.

First, today it has been said, Julian Assange will release more emails about Hillary Clinton, who is single-handedly trying to start WW3 by accusing Russia of the DNC hack, when in reality it was the NSA. Dangerous, neurotic, and psychopathic is how many people see the woman who would be king, and a lot of them are not Trumpsters. Once again, the American People have been put into a box; the Karken's Box.

In regional news, local author and war correspondent, me, will be honored tomorrow in Davenport, IA, home to Chapters 4-14+ in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. The event info is: 5 - 8:30 p.m.
QC Waterfront Convention Center, 2012 State Street - Bettendorf, IA. Details can be found here.

Unfortunately, I am on assignment until the cannabis war is concluded. This is a 50-year college anniversary fundraiser celebration, so if any plan to attend who know me, dress accordingly. As a graduate, I was selected to write a three paragraph brief about attending the college. Probably this may be read with several others or may be included in the written program somewhere. After the jump we get to Letitia Pepper.

Statewide, Pot Goonie skipper and crackerjack activist lawyer, Letitia Pepper, lately awash in rumors ranging from she once dated Mike Pence to being CIA on 'Ludes, is in San Francisco to attend a 'supposedly' radio show debate about Prop 64. with Letitia is Professor Hemp, aka Patrick Moore, who recently had his own radio show debate recorded.

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