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BSC, CA – Because this story deals with money, the realm of Mammon [god of money, KJV], there will be a mixing of the esoteric, music, and reality in exposition. The song “Smooth Talk” by Delbert McClinton provided the subtitle for today's news post. Fans of the Ft. Worth, Texas blues rocker will know the song.

Since this story started in Hemet, our old friend Deep Throat makes a return appearance as well.

The above picture may look rather familiar to Temecula residents but in reality, this sign is in a different county than Riverside. The sign above is endemic of the money fever sweeping the state, the country and the world, climaxing at this moment at The Hague. But it all started in Hemet.

“Meet me in your park. Two days, morning time.” -read the text.

At first I thought about the community park nearby but common sense logic poo-pooed that notion. It took a moment to figure out but I made my appointment on time.

“So Moriarty, we meet again.”

“You're a funny guy, PT, but spot on. You are like a Sherlock Holmes only with a sense of humor. I like that. We started out with convincing the folks of Hemet they needed a tax to keep them safe, remember?”

Yeah. Then the reload after the smarter voters said 'No'. I did some research on that bald eagle Rosenthal. Why is it always a Jew?”

You should know, you're a Jew, at least by bloodline. All you guys are money smart. I don't know what happened to you, taking the fucking bus everywhere. You're smart.”

My tribe didn't dance around the golden calf back in the day. Anyway, what's crackin' now?

Back in the day, the motto was follow the money but with the coming system and computers there is a different approach needed. I saw your piece on Rosenthal, haha. He does look like an eagle but you are right. He is smart; smarter than you realize. I know you are going up to the OC this weekend. Look for a sign that I will arrange. You'll know what to do with it.”

Ump, any more clues?”

You won't need any. I know your profile, and temperament. Well, my ride is here this time. Keep reporting on the truth, you make this game fun.”

Always like to do, what I can do, when I can do it.”

Hahahaha, you're a funny guy.”

The weekend came and as we packed up to come back here after the Mother's event wrap party, a lunch at True Seasons, John, my ride home decided to return to his house to make some coffee for the ride back. As we stood outside his house, a local citizen came by taking a poll concerning their Measure S, a logical bond measure to fix their dilapidated school buildings in the City of Orange. As I listened to his earnest explanation of why John should vote 'Yes' there was something about the similar message and text of the signage, so I debated the need of a tax at all when every doctor in the state [and country] is receiving a free $74,000+ a year. I preached on about the rampant government corruption, wasted money, laziness, lack of accountability and desire in the [state] government to trim their own bush; always coming to the people for more, more, more, a penny at a time. As I always do, I asked for some literature about their cause then wished the father a blessed day, saying to him Eph. 6:12.

Lucifer isn't the only one in some need of restraint” - PT Rothschild, on government.

Knowing that this fight against money involves Daniel 2 [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, pg. 282-4], it was essential to apply some magic salve to my 3rd eye and discern the truth. After all, when you're a real wizard, you don't get a cape or magic pants. It is the real meaning behind BSC [bullshit control aka, 'you can't bullshit a bullshitter'] What I saw was, the truth will set your fee.

As I looked over all the tax measures and literature, these points came out.

 At BSC, it's ladies first. Shellie, with her perky smile and uni-brow Dutch boy lists 10 endorsements, four of which are retired, one an RNC person, and four from sitting incumbents of prestigious merit. To her credit, she is the only one running for Super that showed resistance to the bevy of Tax Measures by casting the lone vote of dissent against Measure U, for putting it on the ballot to Heme-nites. Negative: She appears on a flyer in support of statewide Prop 55, a proposed change to make a once temporary tax, permanent. But we all know you can't buck the state and expect to advance up the line.

Ken Calvert, long-time career politician has a ton of endorsements, but the grand statement by the Sheriff who has been sniffing the money bone and pushing it to every city counsel fire hydrant, kinda says it all. All those tri-tip free din-dins could be the reason Ol' Kenny doesn't have his game face anywhere on his flyer. Here's what Ken Calvert really looks like, the poster boy for career insider and mo' money.

Besides the cross-reference you can do as you compare party platform feeling toward various Props, again it's what you don't see as well as what you do. Giving credence to Prop 64 being a total Democratic Party/DNC/Clinton-Soros plot against the people is the 'Yes/Si' showing beside the Prop along with the absence of mention on any Republican flyer. The Republicans can smell a turd but even they have missed the creation of a new police force meant to replace the present cop system. 

A special report on the props to be voted upon when the results come back from our Political Team Reserve [think tank]. Stay tuned for the coming opinion and breakdown.

For the sharp-eyed readers who remember this recent story the following section should look eerily similar to the 'Taxpayer Accountability' Section of Orange's Measure S, don't you think?
"Measure U is considered a general tax which needs only a simple majority of the city voters to pass, but the cities or counties are not allowed to earmark the funds for particular uses. That is why to the city council passed a resolution at Rosenthal's urging [see Valley News archives] to have all future councils not to use the Measure U money for any other purpose other than public safety. Rosenthal suggested that to further insure the city keeps to its purpose for improving public safety in using the funds only for the city’s fire and police agencies."

"Everyone who has a government agency, aka watchdog committee job gets paid, but unlike you or your kids, Measure U requires the creation of a “Citizens’ Oversight Committee” to furnish independent advisory review of the expenditure of the tax revenues. The Committee will meet at least twice per year and will review the required expenditure plan before it is adopted by the City Council. Measure U also requires an independent audit of the use of the tax proceeds to be conducted annually. The Committee will also review the required independent annual audit prior to its final review by the City Council. Four members of the Committee are selected by the Hemet Police Chief, four members are selected by the Hemet Fire Chief, and three members are selected by the Hemet City Council. Rosenthal will handle the auditor selection. That's how it works."

This November, no matter the city, county, or State - READ OUR LIPS

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