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BSC, CA – Going up to Orange County to spread the word about No On Prop 64 was a two-fold trip that began with some final trimming on Friday night. Before the trip back to my magical valley, I would discover 5 possible story articles, including the two named in this article's titles.

For over a year I have had this 'goofy' picture in my shot bucket, knowing that one day a story would arise that would fit the picture bill. But before we get to the latest about Bill and Hillary, the scuzzy opposite to George & Gracie masquerading in blackface as our present day Good Times, we open with my vote for Mom of The Year [Decade], Zen Honeycutt. My eyes water up just thinking about her valor. It makes you more than proud to know someone like this past the fan level, plus we all inspire one another. We have to. Even David had a crowd around him with Goliath.

Monsanto was brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity about a year ago, before Obummer signed the Dark Act. Though most of the food cause leaders held a slim hope that maybe Obama would do the correct thing, none of us were very surprised by the treasonous act after Fast Track. Reading the leaked email stash from WikiLeaks shows the depth of depravity in D.C. Now when people say 'Lord help us' they are not just mouthing the words. “We are all in deep doo-doo!” - Col. Potter

This weekend on charges filed before Bernie Sanders was running for President, the monster corporation now united with Bayer, goes trial in the World Court in Hague. Zen has traveled to the Tribunal to give witness against this evil threatening to wipe out the world. News of this reached me at the 38th Anniversary of Mother's Markets event this past weekend.

To read all about this Happening in Hague, since this will NOT be in the Hillary-owned media outlets or mentioned in the bubble news anywhere, go to this link. Meanwhile BSC will report the on-the-ground viewpoint when we touch base with Zen again.

Currently besides the 3 'free trade' agreements threatening to entrap the world, locally for US the TPP, that were all written by Corp lobbyists [600], Mon$anto shills have been fighting the 'conspiracy theory' Monsanto, cough George Soros, is at the root of California's looming anti-medical marijuana Prop 64. The chart below shows where the real love for Prop 64 comes from, and what drives that love, $$$$.

Speaking of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, both seem to share a common market and market dream.

And the 'leaked tape' of 11years ago with a couple of guys gutter-talking a hot woman on a tour bus, is nothing to compare with the Clintons' dirty laundry,

Or the creeps they associate with who quickly hit the news for a second for the masses. 

We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect u.s.

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